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Todd Kohlhep

Todd Kohlhepp, also known as Todd Christopher Kohlhepp, is a convicted felon. He is an American serial murderer. He was found guilty of killing seven innocent people in the South Carolina district over 12 long years. He had some mental problems because of how bizarre his behavior appeared. He is currently incarcerated in Broad River Correctional Home, serving his sentence.

Quick Facts

Celebrated Name:Todd Kohlhepp
Real Name/Full Name:Todd Christopher Kohlhepp
Age:51 years old
Birth Date:March 7, 1971
Birth Place:Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Weight:105 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Single
Wife/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):No
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Is Todd Kohlhepp Gay?:No
Profession:Realtor, Criminal
Net Worth in 2024$500 Thousand

Todd Kohlhepp Biography

Todd Kohlhepp had a difficult upbringing. He was only two years old when his parents separated. His mother, who also married another guy that year, was given custody. Todd’s stepfather had a history of abusing children, and they didn’t get along very well. When Todd’s psychiatric assessments were received, they revealed that he had a mysterious past and had shown a desire to be with his biological father, whom he hadn’t seen in eight years. He was a problematic youngster. He was hostile to the animals and his young peers in the nursery.

Todd Kohlhep age
Todd Kohlhepp age

Todd Kohlhepp’s Age, Height, Weight

Todd Kohlhepp was born on March 7, 1971, he is 51 years old as of 2024. He stands 1.8 meters tall and weighs 105 kilograms.


Todd Kohlhepp has amassed a sizeable fortune throughout his career. Even his coworkers have observed him acting in ways that defy sense. He has admitted to talking to people about how much he enjoys being a sex offender in the workplace and has been observed watching pornographic films online while at work.

He kidnapped a 14-year-old girl at 15, took her home, tied her up, and physically tortured her. He followed her home after the incident and warned her that if she mentioned it, he would kill everyone in her family. As a sex offender, Todd received a sentence of fifteen years in jail.

Recognition & Achievements

Todd Kohlhepp’s only accomplishment in life was his real estate agency. He frequently considered committing crimes to be an accomplishment. His identity is listed as the perpetrator of numerous crimes, including murder, extortion, and kidnapping. People who didn’t act the way he wanted them to used to be murdered by him frequently. Until police generals saved her, his most notable accomplishment included his last victim, Brown.

Todd Kohlhepp’s Net Worth In 2024

Todd Kohlhepp possesses a sizable sum of money, which the authorities later sold. The money from the auction was then given back to the families dealing with this psychopath. He was responsible for seven murders; many perpetrated on his land. Because they didn’t pay him attention, he even killed the housekeepers. He has a troubled past and is suspected of burying two bodies in the upstate. His predicted net worth in February 2024 will be about $500,000.

An individual with such a repulsive past ought to remain incarcerated. Such people are unwilling to rid themselves of their self-pity. Todd once took pleasure in murder. Even in his strange dreams, he marries Brown, his hostage. She told one of the medics right away after being saved by the authorities that Todd had chosen to marry her and had built a soundproof room for her so that no one could locate her.

He believed he could help society, but he ended up being a benefit. His father, who taught him how to wield firearms despite knowing he is a psychopath, is responsible for a significant portion of his character.

Todd Kohlhepp Wife, Marriage

There is a lot to know about Todd’s personal life; he was angry toward everything because of his difficult upbringing. He shot a puppy with a BB gun and was brutal to the animals. His characteristics and how he treated those around him ensured that these characteristics painted a picture of him as a psychopathic person. Some even went so far as to sum it up by asserting that in the future, his current hostility toward animals would be replaced by hostility toward people, which eventually turned out to be accurate.