Thomas Williams Sr- Father Of A Famous Broadcaster Wendy Williams

Thomas Williams Sr

Wendy Williams celebrated her father, Thomas Williams, Sr .’s, 91st birthday by posting a few photos of herself and him on Instagram. In one shot, the actress was holding her father’s hand, while on the other, they sat in separate seats close to each other. In the second image, Thomas is smiling and listening to his daughter, who seems to be in excellent spirits. According to the caption,

“Happy 91st birthday, Daddy!” “I’m having the most peaceful time of my life.”

She shared a five-minute video on February 17 to commemorate her comeback to social media after a brief hiatus due to health difficulties. The images were posted on her new Instagram account, @therealwendywilliamsonline, which debuted earlier this week. Her son Kevin Hunter Jr. captured the footage when she was strolling on a Florida beach and discussing her mother, Shirley Williams, who died in December 2020. Wendy made a present-day allusion to her mother and falsified her age in the video. A publicist posing as her agent told Page Six that the video was shot on February 16 and that she misspoke.

Thomas Williams Sr
Kevin remarked in the video that his mother is taking a vacation from everything, and the latter confirmed that the break is solely from New York. Wendy said,

“I enjoy how fast-paced New York is. I like it here in Florida just as much as I like it in New York, but they are totally different things and people. But New York is my heart, and Florida is a lovely location – lovely, regular. Sometimes strange in a nice way. “Aren’t we all strange in a nice way?”

Kevin also inquired about the allegations surrounding Wendy’s health problems. She responded that many others were asking the same thing and that she was becoming more assertive.

All About Wendy Williams’ parents

Wendy Williams’ father is Thomas Williams Sr. He just turned 91, yet little is known about his early life and profession. Thomas married Shirley Williams in 1957, and the couple moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Thomas was an English teacher and school administrator, and his wife taught special education. The duo had three master’s degrees between them and traveled extensively over the globe. In 1970, they moved to Wayside, an upper-middle-class neighborhood of Ocean Township, New Jersey.

Thomas Williams Sr

Wendy Williams reflected on her idyllic upbringing with her parents after her mother died. She told App.com that her parents taught her that anybody could be a parent and make a difference in their community. Shirley was a member of the Monmouth County Council of Girl Scouts, the Central Jersey Club of the National Association of Negro Business, and other organizations. During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show in December 2020, the 57-year-old disclosed her mother’s death and said,

“My mother died many, many, many, many weeks ago.” You know how it is easy to lose track of the day and the time? All I knew was that it happened a long time ago. My mother, father, brothers, and I — the five of us – she will always be here.”

The World War Z actor said that her mother died gently and without suffering, surrounded by her love. She expressed gratitude for having her in her life for the last 56 years.