Thomas Petrou Announced Tabitha Swatosh’s Departure From Hype House

Tabitha Swatosh

The original Tiktokroom announced on July 11, 2022, that Hype House was no longer following Tabitha Swatosh. Fans instantly assumed the content house had fired Swatosh, but they received proof a day later. Swatosh posted an outfit transition video on TikTok, and viewers who looked closely detected boxes in the backdrop. They questioned her about it in the comments area, and she seemed to confirm that she had departed the Hype House. She then posted a GRWM video to depart the content home on July 15, 2022.

Swatosh was in tears as she documented the whole process of transporting her items from her old apartment to her new one. “ILL LOVE YOU FOREVER,” she said in the caption. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, HYPE @The Hype House. “I’ll see you all shortly.”

“On to the next phase,” said Thomas Petrou, the content house’s creator. “I am really proud of you.”

Tabitha Swatosh and Thomas Petrou Address Her Hype House Departure

Netizens wondered when Swatosh revealed her resignation that there may be controversy behind it since she had just joined the content company in February 2022. Petrou and his crew had only known the TikToker for four months. As a consequence, people believed that something serious had occurred between Swatosh and the group. However, in a recent YouTube video titled ‘Saying Goodbye,’ Petrou and Swatosh stated that this was not the case.

“I’ve discussed this several times on my channel, and this is the one issue that genuinely bothers me. We founded Hype House two years ago and have 32 members so far, but people make it sound like you have to be a part of the brand forever. “It’s simply not practical,” Petrou stated.

Tabitha Swatosh

He said that he will most likely be the only one around for the longest period. Petrou stated that the whole objective of joining his content house was to assist individuals to advance in their jobs, and it didn’t matter whether members remained for years or months. He saw Swatosh had a large following, and they assisted her in several ways on her voyage. He advised followers to keep an eye out for the TikToker since she was working on some intriguing initiatives. Finally, the two discussed Swatosh’s experience with Petrou, and the team concluded on a pleasant note.

Tabitha Swatosh Informs Her Fans About Her Life

Swatosh also indicated in the video that she was seeking a new residence. Then, in another TikTok post, she warned viewers that things were not going well. She said that she was meant to meet a lady in Los Angeles to look at some flats, but she had been stood up after making her wait for three hours.

Tabitha Swatosh

The TikToker said that she didn’t realize you couldn’t get an apartment in a day, so she started listing all the possibilities she had for where she was going to sleep. Her alternatives included sleeping on a friend’s sofa, travelling home to Missouri, camping on the beach, and enlisting the assistance of her ex. She eventually refused all of the possibilities and said that she was sleeping in her vehicle. Although it was unclear if she was genuine, supporters in the comments section offered her a place to stay.