The Reason Behind Travis Fimmel’s Leaving The Vikings

Travis Fimmel

Vikings’ narrative and end elements are included in the material. When Travis Fimmel’s character, Ragnar Lothbrok, was killed off in Vikings season 4, viewers were left wondering, “Why did Travis Fimmel leave Vikings?” Vikings, created by Michael Hirst, aired on the History Channel in 2013. The program was originally intended to be a miniseries, but due to the compelling narrative and explosive performance by Fimmel as Lothbrok, it was extended for six seasons.

Fimmel’s Lothbrok, the mythical Norse hero, burnt and sacked his way across the North Sea for most of the series and became a fan favorite. Unfortunately, Lothbrok’s journey ended in season 4, much to the dismay of fans. Kings Ecbert and Aelle arrest Lothbrok and throw him into a pit of poisonous snakes to punish him for the murder of Aelle’s brother, Aethelwulf. The subsequent seasons are primarily focused on his boys and their travels in England, Scandinavia, and the Mediterranean. However, the departure of the key figure caught the audience off guard, since they were expecting answers to their queries.

What caused Travis Fimmel to quit ‘Vikings?’

In many other TV shows, main performers often quit due to artistic differences or personal reasons, but this was not the case with Fimmel. Lothbrok’s time in the plot, according to the series’ author, has come to an end. Hirst was certain that Lothbrok would die and that his sons would take over since it was both lyrical and historical. According to historical documents from the Dark Ages, Lothbrok eventually met his end; hence, Fimmel’s departure was not contrived but always planned. As a result, Fimmel was not surprised by his character’s demise.

Travis Fimmel

In reality, the actor was able to stay in the series for a longer period of time than was originally planned. He was supposed to die in the first season, but his influence on the series was so great that he became irreplaceable. He also allowed other characters to continue with the story. “I was supposed to die at the end of the first year,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly, “but I ended up lingering around for three more.” As a consequence, the actor was overjoyed and relieved to be able to leave the program on his own terms.

Travis Fimmel’s post-‘Vikings’ career

Following the conclusion of an unforgettable role, the Vikings actor featured in the action movie Warcraft the same year as his last episode on Vikings. In 2017, he played Ray Thompson in the film Lean On Pete. The story revolves around a 15-year-old kid who travels across the United States with an ailing racehorse in pursuit of a long-lost aunt. He has since appeared in a number of films, including Finding Steve McQueen, Danger Close: The Battle Of Long Tan, and Dreamland.

Travis Fimmel
Travis FimmelTravis Fimmel

In terms of TV roles, the actor said that he would not appear in another TV series following the Norse mythical drama. But when he was offered the main part in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi drama Raised By Wolves, he couldn’t say no. The actor had always wanted to work with Scott, and he accepted the opportunity before even reading the screenplay.