The Current Central Location Of NMIXX’s Sullyoon Has Caused Quite A Stir Online


The position of a group member in K-pop is a crucial aspect that shapes the group’s appearance and helps them stand out. Members who meet beauty requirements and are sure to attract attention are granted official visual positions. In the back or to the far-right, Sullyoon has been seen standing in the center of the group in recent appearances as the unofficial center position.

On the other hand, a center position is usually assigned to a member who possesses both the looks and the stage presence. In short, the individual in the middle embodies the group’s overall attributes.

Sullyoon was rumored to have replaced NMIXX as center as she became viral for her beauty.

NMIXX’s Sullyoon
NMIXX’s Sullyoon

NMIXX, JYP Entertainment’s rookie female group, made its debut with AD MARE on February 22 and has been making waves ever since. Sullyoon, an 18-year-old new group member, has gotten the most attention, particularly on South Korean online forums. She has been ruling the platforms with remarkable attractiveness and has already been dubbed the fourth-most generation’s viral rookie.

Formations of K-pop groups are usually set early on and are rarely changed. K-pop fans now feel that the agency monitored the platforms and adjusted the group’s formation. A netizen shared posts comparing old and new photos:

Kyujin and Jinni are generally in the middle position. Recent photographs show Sullyoon standing tall in the center (beside Kyujin). Because there are seven people in the group, the middle position becomes the focal point. The abrupt adjustment that pulled Sullyoon from the very end to the center has sparked a heated debate:

Some fans say that the new formation (with Sullyoon in the center) distinguishes NMIXX. And makes them appear to be a potential girl group from a primary agency.

Many people consider Kyujin’s stage presence and look better represent the group. They also stated that the center position should not be focused just on visuals and their abilities.

Some fans also adopted a neutral stance, criticizing the K-pop business for excessively focusing on appearance. Many argued that ranking members based on their arrival were unfair to everyone. And just served to promote South Koreans’ unattainable beauty standards:

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment has not assigned any official positions to NMIXX, such as lead, primary, or center. As the agency seeks to promote experimental music with the girl group, it may also introduce a new position in which members have no official tasks other than being in a vocal, rap, and dance line.