“The Culpo Sisters” Season 1 Is Set To Be Released On TLC Soon

The Culpo Sisters

The Culpo Sisters are poised to take over Los Angeles. The next TLC program, which debuts on Monday, November 7, at 9 p.m. ET on TLC, is ready to demonstrate what sisterly love is all about, including catfights! Having a sister can be both a joy and a curse, and having three is certain to be pandemonium. In the program, sibling rivalry takes on a whole new meaning, as the three Culpos demonstrate how much they love each other while also making each other’s life a living misery.

According to TLC’s news release:

“The Culpo sisters are jaw-dropping in that you never know what they’re going to wear…or say!” Aurora, Olivia, and Sophia Culpo negotiate their lives, loves, families, and jobs in Los Angeles in THE CULPO SISTERS.”

It goes on to say:

“What are their occupations?” Don’t ask their parents, Susan and Peter, since they won’t know! For the first time, the three sisters share their homes and hearts in an intimate, no-holds-barred, and hilariously amusing manner.”

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Season 1 premiere of The Culpo Sisters

Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012, and her sisters Aurora and Sophia will star in The Culpo Sisters. While the sisters are incredibly close, they have distinct personalities and characteristics that cause them to clash regularly. Aurora, the oldest, is frequently seen as the mother figure, but Sophia regards herself as the group’s mediator. The sisters are in their element in the inaugural episode of the program, as they utilize their small-town charm and lively personalities to stand out in LA, which they now call home. The Culpo sisters provided a sneak peek of what to anticipate once the program airs in a first-look teaser released on YouTube. Olivia revealed in the ad that she relocated to Los Angeles, and her sisters, who couldn’t live without her, followed her there.

The Culpo Sisters

The show also includes Olivia’s parents, who “have absolutely no clue” what she does. They admitted in their confessional that people refer to Olivia as an influencer, but they don’t believe it:

“We don’t know since we aren’t affected by it.” Sorry.”

The family has no limits, filters, or “lack of drama,” and the sisters are shown fussing about clothing in the video. For the first time, the Culpo Sisters actress spoke out about her previous relationship and how it made her feel less than human. In an interview with E! News, the former Miss Universe discussed it and expressed her desire to assist others in similar circumstances.

She stated:

“You simply have to thank horrible situations like that.” They strengthen you. They improve you, help you appreciate what you have today, and teach you never to make the same mistake again.”

Olivia is presently dating Christian McCaffrey, an NFL player. While he supports her ambitions, he will not feature in The Culpo Sisters because he does not want to be a part of the reality show lifestyle. During an interview on On Air with Ryan Seacrest, she said that her relationship would most likely be the most difficult to shoot since she wants to respect the fact that her partner does not want to be on the program. Watch what happens as The Culpo Sisters take on LA on November 7. The show’s episodes will be available to view on Discovery+ the day after they premiere.