Thalita Do Valle A Brazilian Model Who Aided Ukraine During War Was Killed

Thalita Do Valle

Thalita Do Valle, a Brazilian model-turned-sniper who joined Ukraine’s security forces to battle the Russians, was slain on June 30. The 39-year-old had gone on humanitarian missions all around the world and had also battled against ISIS in Iraq.

According to the Daily Mail, Do Valle was murdered after a rocket hit her bunker in Kharkhiv, Ukraine’s northeastern region. Douglas Burigo, a former Brazilian army veteran, was also slain in the same incident after returning to the bunker to locate Thalita. Thalita Do Valle, who had just recently joined the Ukrainian army, was apparently the lone troop member left behind after the first missile hit.


All about Thalita Do Valle

According to the Daily Mail, Thalita Do Valle studied law after working as an actress and model. The late 39-year-old was also heavily involved with animal rescue organizations. While battling ISIS, the professional shooter uploaded films to her YouTube account demonstrating her sniper training after joining Iraq’s armed forces. Her videos were quite successful, with over 31,000 views. Valle’s brother, Theo Rodrigo Viera, labeled her a hero for her efforts and success in saving people’s lives via humanitarian trips. Valle, he claimed, not only acted as a sniper but also as a rescuer during her brief stay in Ukraine.

Thalita Do Valle

Thalita Do Valle had previously escaped an assault in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. She had talked with her family the week before relocating to Khariv, but she was hesitant to say much since Russian drones were monitoring their phone activity. Prior to her death, Valle was collaborating with an author on a book on her Ukrainian experiences.

The confrontation between Russia and Ukraine started on February 24, with neither party calling for a cease-fire as of yet. Tensions between the two countries have risen over Ukraine’s Donetsk city. In recent news, the Russian capital, Moscow, claimed victory over the Ukrainian city of Luhansk. Donetsk is located in Ukraine’s Donbas region, which is mostly Russian-speaking and home to the bulk of the country’s most experienced military personnel.

According to Reuters, Russians utilized military force to damage a residential and commercial district of Donestsk, killing two people and injuring many more. In response to the situation, Donetsk Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko warned that the city was jeopardized by the widespread use of rocket launchers:

Thalita Do Valle

“There hasn’t been a day without shelling this week. The enemy is shelling in a haphazard manner, with the goal of annihilating the local populace.”

On July 5, Russian authorities adopted two legislation authorizing the government to persuade firms to provide the military with necessary goods during the crisis.