Tera Patrick Net Worth: How Rich Is She? Lifestyle And Career Highlights

Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick is a fantastic, exotic, and bodacious actress. She has a staggering net worth of $10 million! Her presence in the profession is generally acclaimed, notably for her charms as an adult film actor and model. So much so that she has been admitted into the “hall of fame” of the business. But it’s not just that. Back in 2000, she was even selected as the Penthouse Pet of the Month! Despite the fact that she has previously resigned from the industry, she is still quite active and doing very well.

Her own agency, which she founded in 2007, has performed well, and she has also organized multiple adult film conferences. She has also featured in many distinct TV series and has written a book. It demonstrates how well-known her acting, modeling, and professional career have become over the years.

Tera Patrick’s Net Worth and Salary

Tera Patrick, the lovely, curvy actress best known for her work in various adult films and her book “Sinner Takes All,” has a substantial net worth of $10 million. Her net worth, mostly derived from her work as an actress, attests to how successful she was throughout her peak years. Patrick had one of the most successful years of her career in 2000.

Tera Patrick

She sold around 10.1 copies of the film “Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick” and made $300,000! Aside from performing, she and her ex-husband, Evan Seinfeld, founded a talent agency in 2006, which mostly handled emerging models and actresses. The agency’s purpose was to assist ladies and men in becoming acquainted with the scene, giving and receiving respect, and realizing their actual potential in the profession. She also had her own production firm called “Teravision.” Desperate, featuring Tera Patrick and her husband, was released in collaboration with Vivid Video.

Later on, she penned and published her own book, “Sinner Takes All,” which also earned her some royalties. Furthermore, her frequent links with international films and side projects were effective in capturing attention, implying that these two were a solid source of revenue for the actress.


Tera has seen and gone through a lot in her life, given her background in the entertainment world. The sector, albeit difficult, has its own benefits in terms of revenue most of the time. Aside from that, being a member of a fun business, she’s had her fair share of parties, conferences, and media attention. However, it is just the other side of the camera that we can see and connect to.

Tera has a very normal life outside of the camera. She loves to work out in the mornings, catch up with old industry acquaintances, and has a strong view on work ethics. Furthermore, she has a unique perspective on her life.
Sure, she owns various branded accessories and apparel items, but she believes that life isn’t all about these things. Smaller things are also a part of life. She also states that she adores truffles and, of course, a nice bottle of wine. Let’s just say she’s a gourmet who really appreciates dishes from other cultures. She also seems to keep her social sites up to date. She often publishes images and videos of how she spends her time.

Tera Patrick’s Professional Life

Tera Patrick has had a contentious career. She is regarded as one of the most accomplished and well-liked actors in the business, having received multiple awards and been admitted into various “halls of fame.” However, the actress’s career has not always been consistent and easy. Tera left home when she was 14 years old to pursue a modeling career.

She began with performances in Tokyo and gradually climbed to renown. She was sexually attacked by a photographer while under the influence of champagne and valium. She acquired a valium addiction and spent the majority of her income on pills. Her father subsequently discovered that she was sexually active as a juvenile and filed a complaint with the agency.

Tera Patrick

She was returned home, and her career was put on hold for a time. She appeared for “Playboy” and “Penthouse” in 2000, earning the title “Pet of the Month.” In the years that followed, she was heavily involved in a number of pornographic films. She then married Evan Seinfeld and together they founded her own talent agency that produced pornographic films.

She also founded her own production company, “Teravision.” Tera gradually began to transfer her concentration to the talent agency after the firm launched numerous pornographic films and things were going well. She quit making pornographic films entirely in 2008. Tera collaborated with Seinfeld on 5 Vivid films and 10 Teravision films as “Spyder Jones.” She started anchoring the Playboy TV sexy instructional program School of Sex the same year she retired. In addition, she hosted the 25th AVN Awards Ceremony.