Tatjana Asla: Here Are 5 Very Interesting Facts That You Should Know About Her

Tatjana Asla

Tatjana Asla is well-known as the daughter of commercial and fashion photographer Erik Asla and model and television celebrity Tyra Banks. She has her own profession, though, and her father’s celebrity does not overshadow who she is. She is a model that is represented by Elite Modeling Agency and LA Models.

Quick Facts

Full NameTatjana Asla
First NameTatjana
Last NameAsla
Birth CityLos Angeles
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Father NameErik Asla
Father Professioncommercial and fashion photographer
Mother NameTyra Banks
Mother Professionmodel, actress, producer, and businesswoman
Gender IdentityFemale
Marital StatusSingle

Tatjana Asia’s 5 Most Interesting Facts

  • L. A Model represents her. L. A Models was the agency that offered her mother Tyra Banks her first modeling break after she was turned down by four other agencies. Her mother was also a model with Elite Model Management. A mother-daughter career has two things in common.
  • She loves scary movies and disturbing images, and she has posted them on her Instagram account.
  • Tyra Banks, her mother, was the first African American woman to grace the pages of GQ Magazine and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
  • Her mother was harassed in school and was nicknamed UGLY DUCKLING.
  • Her mother is the first African-American woman to feature on the covers of the Victoria’s Secret Catalog.

Tyra Gets Honest

Tyra Banks, Tatjana Asla’s stepmother, opens out about herself in Vanity Fair. Tyra’s idea of spending quality time with her son, York, is to let him do anything he wants, which is to jump on the bed. When questioned about the term “Smize,” which also means “smile with your eyes,” Tyra said that Julie Campbell was the first person to make this remark about her. When asked what her mother taught her the most, she said it was to weep in the toilet rather than at work.

Tatjana Asla
Tatjana Asla (Source: Google)

The only thing that makes her cry is when her kid tells her he loves her before saying it. Banks said that she has worn several hats during her career, the most prominent of which being the entrepreneur cap. She then went on to describe ‘Modelland,’ as well as the lesson she gained through teaching, which was recognizing how much she had to give. Her number one fashion guideline is that she always carries some flats in her handbag when she wears heels. Tyra’s happy spot is a movie theater with buttery popcorn. When asked whether she wanted people to remember one thing about her, she said she wanted to leave the world more lovely than it is now.

Tyra Bank has apologized for the recent criticism over the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ clips.

When the world was shut down in May 2020 because of the new Corona Virus, people watched ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ which was available on Hulu and Amazon Prime. People took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the harsh comments and contentious situations. The one that received the most attention was the one in which Tyra and the panel of judges put pressure on 2006 contestant Danielle Evans to fix the gap in her teeth in order to be a successful model. Tyra apologized after the criticism, saying that those moments were completely unintentional and that she appreciated the candid comments from the public.

Boyfriends and Dating

She has managed to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. However, it does not seem that she is dating any of her boyfriends at the start. Tatjana is currently single and is most likely searching for someone to socialize with. She is a stunning lady with tens of thousands of fans on social media. She may be searching for someone she can depend on.

Her personal life is being scrutinized. She did, however, share this odd image on her Instagram account, which might be of her lover. Gio Grace Levine Silverspoon is invited. Because no details are provided and the image seems odd, it is impossible to say who is in this photograph.

Net worth

Tatjana precise net worth is unknown at this time. Her mother and father, on the other hand, have enormous wealth. Her father is wealthy, with a net worth of 3.5 million dollars as of January 2024 and Her mother has a staggering net worth of $90 million as of January 2024. Models make a lot of money, and she works for a significant modeling firm. Models in America make more than 125,457 dollars per year on average, and her income may be similar.

This revenue may quickly provide her with a million-dollar net worth. Although this is not a verified number, models make much money in the United States. Elite Modeling Agency has given many models wings, and they have enormous net worth and income. Because she is associated with the agency, her net worth may be near these numbers. Sigrid Agren has a net worth of $8 million or more, while Estelle Chen has a net worth of $1 million to $5 million. She enjoys nature and going to the beach. She posted this photo on her Instagram account.

Tatjana Asla
Tatjana Asla (Source: Google)

Superstar Mother and Prosperous Father

Erik Asla, his father, is a prominent photographer. In the year 2017, her father and mother divorced. Despite their breakup, the pair maintains a cordial relationship and has said that they would continue to cooperate professionally. Tyra Banks, her mother, is a well-known television personality. She is a producer, entrepreneur, and author. Tyra has worked for all major modeling companies, including SI and Victoria’s Secret. She is the founder of America’s Next Top Model and a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman.


  • She was born in Los Angeles and is of American descent.
  • Her precise age and birthdate are being investigated.
  • Tyra Banks is her mother’s name. Tyra Banks is a well-known television personality and model. She is also an actor, producer, and entrepreneur. Modelland, for example, is one of her novels.
  • She has featured in major publications such as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and the blockbuster Victoria Secret Angel.
  • From 1997 until 2005, she was a Victoria’s, Secret Angel. She has appeared in films and television programs such as Life-Size and Higher Learning.
  • She is a Teen Choice Award winner for her work on America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show.