Steven Sadow Wiki: What’s His Connection With Donald Trump?

Steven Sadow

Former President Donald Trump made headlines recently when he replaced his top Georgia lawyer only hours before a major trial. Steven Sadow, a renowned Atlanta-based attorney known for his great record in defending high-profile clients, is stepping into the limelight to head Trump’s defense.

Steven Sadow was not chosen at random. His broad expertise, unusual career path, and involvement with high-profile cases make him an obvious contender for Trump’s defense. This essay seeks to provide insight into who Steven Sadow is and why his nomination to this case is significant.

Who exactly is Steven Sadow?

Steven began his life adventure in the peaceful suburbs of Trotwood, Ohio, and went on to become one of the most well-known figures in criminal defense practice. Football was a big part of his childhood, and he was a middle linebacker. During his collegiate years, he attended Marietta Collegiate in Ohio, where he won the billiards championship. This Ohio native eventually moved to Atlanta for his law degree at Emory Law School, where he elected to remain after graduation.

Steven Sadow

Steven’s choice to enter the field of criminal defense was not taken lightly. He was only 11 years old when, while watching “The Defenders” on TV, he had a strong desire to become a criminal defense lawyer and expressed his desire to his father.

Dedicated to Criminal Defense

Sadow, unlike many other attorneys, did not begin his career as a prosecutor. Instead, he devoted his whole career to criminal defense from the start. His enthusiasm was clear when he said in a 2015 interview that his boyhood inspiration came from a black-and-white television show.

Steven Sadow  Family and Network

Steven is not the only one in his family with a legal history. Susan Sadow, his wife, is a well-known workers’ compensation attorney in the legal world. Emory Law School, which they both attended, might have been a meeting site for the two. Susan’s legal expertise is clear, as she has resolved hundreds of workers’ compensation claims, several of which have over a million dollars.

Clients with a High Net Worth

Steven Sadow’s client list reads like an entertainment world who’s who. He has represented celebrities such as Usher, Rick Ross, and T.I. His abilities aren’t limited to guarding celebs. Steven had an important part in several of Atlanta’s most high-profile cases, including defending co-defendant Jeffrey Sweeting in the murder trial of NFL linebacker Ray Lewis in 2000. Another noteworthy example is the notorious Gold Club federal racketeering case. Sadow’s client, club owner Steve Kaplan, pled guilty in this case.

Steven Sadow

Knowledge of Georgia’s Legal System

Steven Sadow’s skill extends beyond individual criminal defense cases. He is well-versed in Georgia’s RICO statutes. One recent example is when he defended rapper Gunna in negotiating the complexities of a RICO prosecution. Sadow is likewise concerned about Georgia prosecutors abusing the RICO Act.


Steven Sadow isn’t simply another name in the crowded field of criminal defense lawyers. His extraordinary path from his Ohio beginnings to becoming one of Atlanta’s most sought-after attorneys illustrates his passion and competence. With all eyes on the next Trump trial, Steven’s extensive expertise will definitely be highlighted.