Southern Charm Star Chleb Ravenell Is Facing Backlash After Accusing Naomi Olindo Of Manipulation

Chleb Ravenell

Chleb Ravenell joined the cast of Southern Charm Season 8 as a rookie. He played Kathryn Dennis’ lover, with whom she ended her relationship in the second episode. In the previous episode, Kathryn even celebrated her breakup. However, in Southern Charm Episode 6, she was seen coming with Chleb at Olivia Flowers’ oyster party. She announced to her co-stars that they had reconciled. Chleb was seen in a flashback to Kathryn’s apartment when he claimed that he would want to move back in and start over. He was spotted chatting to Naomi Olindo about Kathryn during Olivia’s party, implying that he was dissatisfied with his relationship with her. He went to his girlfriend after Naomi recommended terminating things with Kathryn and revealed that Naomi attempted to persuade him against her. Viewers were surprised to see this side of Chleb, who put Naomi under the bus while knowing Kathryn disliked her.

Chleb and Naomi’s talk about Kathryn on Southern Charm

Naomi approached Chleb at Olivia’s party and inquired about his and Kathryn’s relationship now that they were back together. He informed her he was unhappy but will work harder to keep the relationship going. Naomi and Chleb had known each other for almost six years and were therefore at ease discussing their personal lives. Despite the fact that he knew Kathryn would be upset, he continued the talk with Naomi. As a consequence, Kathryn was spotted becoming irritated with her boyfriend’s conversation with the person she hates. They split up earlier because she didn’t want Chleb to speak to individuals she despises.

Chleb Ravenell

Naomi recommended Chleb to end his relationship with Kathryn after hearing about his condition. He rejected the proposal and said that he would prefer to focus on his relationship. As they finished their chat, Chleb turned to Kathryn and said:

“Yo! Naomi is a total b**ch. In our talk, she was attempting to influence me. “I’m really sorry I said that.”

Kathryn, in return, urged him not to feel sorry and wanted to hear the finish. Chleb went on:

“I’m not telling her what she wants to hear.”

The pair then chose to return home. Naomi, on the other hand, drew Leva Bonaparte aside and narrated the whole discussion, stating that Chleb admitted he didn’t like Kathryn. Leva questioned why Chleb told Naomi these things, claiming that it reflected poorly on him. Only time will tell if a fresh drama between Kathryn and Naomi arises as a result of Chleb’s twisted tale.

Chleb Ravenell

 In Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 6, fans described Chleb as “messy.”

Chleb Ravenell has been a fan favorite cast member on Southern Charm since Season 8. He was previously seen as a gentleman who does not get engaged in trivial matters. However, his actions in Episode 6, in which he first confided in Naomi, referring to her as an old friend, and then played the victim card in front of Kathryn, was not well received by the audience.

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Aside from Chleb’s controversy, Olivia Flowers told Venita Aspen that she was not invited to her oyster party in Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 6. Everyone in Charleston was at Olivia’s party, including Austen Kroll’s ex, Madison LeCroy.

Fans were very aback when Olivia brought Madison, her possible love interest and Austen’s ex, but not Venita. In the meanwhile, fans may watch the show again on Bravo’s website. Southern Charm Season 8 premieres a new episode every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.