Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Is Being Criticized Due To Her Relationship

Cori Broadus

Cori Broadus, Snoop Dogg’s daughter, has lately been under fire from critics for her connection with boyfriend Wayne Deuce. Following the barrage of harsh comments, Broadus moved to Instagram to denounce the venomous insults made about her relationship. In her Instagram story, she wrote:

“Y’all are so unhappy, and it’s really awful. It’s difficult not to allow other people’s opinions to bother you since you know they’re suffering, but I’m still human and words hurt. How do you have time to sit on someone’s page and just talk nonsense? It was never clear to me. But when they meet you in person, it’s a different story. So despicable. I’m praying because that’s a true ailment.”

The singer reprimanded those who believe her boyfriend is only with her because of her father’s celebrity. She wrote in another Instagram post:

“Y’all love saying a n***a has to adore me because my daddy Snoop Dogg, like why can’t he just love me for who I am?” It goes beyond just being his daughter. “I’m a unique individual.”

Cori Broadus

Deuce then shared an Instagram Story photo of himself and Broadus cuddling in a pool, which the latter subsequently reposted.

All you need to know about Cori Broadus’ boyfriend

Wayne Deuce is a well-known model and social media celebrity. He has around 228,000 followers on Instagram. He intends to study acting and invest in brands in order to become a successful businessman in the future. Deuce is the creative director of Wayne Bernard Co. and, together with his partner Cori Broadus, co-owner of the beauty and cosmetic business CHOC Factory.

Cori Broadus

Deuce also has an 81-subscriber YouTube channel, which will likely rise quickly since he plans to begin a YouTube series called Game Night. In an interview, he claimed that he plans to invite rappers, influencers, singers, and dancers to perform games in his YouTube series.

Cori Broadus and Wayne Deuce’s relationship

Cori Broadus and Wayne Deuce were rumored to be dating after the former shared a picture of them together on social media. Broadus made the connection public in 2019 with an Instagram post.


While there are no specifics on when or how the pair originally met, they seem to have been dating since 2018 based on their social media postings. On their own Instagram sites, the couple continues to document their interactions. Cori Broadus, like her father, is a vocalist who has worked with him on a few times. She has collaborated with artists such as Drake and Kamaiyah.