Simon Piacente Obituary: How Did He Die? Cause Of Death Explore

Simon Piacente

Simon Piacente Obituary – Simon Piacente, 50, a tennis instructor, died in his birthplace of Chicago, Illinois. Piacente was not just a tennis coach, but also a writer and musician. Piacente, the Western Springs tennis instructor, died unexpectedly. There has been no confirmation of his death’s cause. His family has not issued a word on the death of the famous tennis instructor.

Piacente was a huge part of the Western Springs tennis community. His tennis exercises were among the most popular among both children and adults. Away from the tennis scene, Piacente was also known as Cosmic Jones. It was a pen name he used while publishing his books, one of which was released last year and included 20 years of his musical journey.

Simon Piacente Obituary And Cause Of Death

Many people were shocked to learn of the death of tennis star Simon Piacente. The Western Springs Recreation Department announced his death on their Facebook page on January 3. Simon oversaw the tennis program at the Village of Western Springs Recreation Department. He has worked with Western Springs since 2009 and was named director in 2020.

Simon Piacente

Piacente was a well-liked member of the community who appealed to people of all ages. His tennis workouts, dubbed “Coach Simon’s Adult Tennis Drills,” were well-liked in the community. Simon’s professional tennis career before becoming a tennis teacher is unknown. According to one website, Simon finished 28th in the USTA Men’s Open Singles in Chicago.

In 2011, he was ranked 81st in the Midwest. Piacente earned a USPTA Teaching certification as well as an AEC Fitness certification after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado. According to the Western Springs Recreation Department’s website, the tennis instructor assisted in the construction of new tennis courts at Spring Rock Park. He desired that the tennis players had the finest possible experience while playing their sports.

Life Outside of Tennis

Simon Piacente was not a guy who confined himself to a single box. He was both a novelist and a musician. Simon released his book “Cosmic Jones-The Full Lyrics 2004 to 2022” in February of last year. The book served as a collection of all of his musical recordings over the previous 20 years. It consisted of 650 songs and 28 albums. Simon said in his article that the words of the song, as well as a few pieces of poetry, were composed during his time in several bands before his solo professional recording career.

Simon had written a new book in 2022. “The Secret World of Multicolluria,” a fantasy/fiction epic book, was the title. Simon said that he had always intended to create books in the same genre as Harry Porter, Narnia, and LOTR, and that this work varied from his horror works in that it was aimed at children aged eight and above. Previously, in an interview, Simon discussed his writing career and where he found inspiration. He also encouraged aspiring authors, saying it was never too late to begin.

Simon Piacente

Tributes Are Pouring in for the Beloved Tennis Coach

Following the news of Simon’s death, a number of the late tennis coach’s pals offered their respects. Mark Carman, one of his boyhood buddies, paid homage on his Facebook page. He showed photos from Simon’s 50th birthday and spoke about his extraordinary life as a musician, novelist, and tennis champion. “[Simon] was there for me in every way possible,” he wrote. You pushed me to be a better person while making me laugh like no other.

[He] felt sympathy for outcasts but despised corporations. I can’t begin to express how much I’m going to miss my buddy.” Janet Stark, a former student of Simon’s, also went to Facebook to mourn the death of the kind soul. Simon trained Janet in 2005, and in her essay, Janet described how Simon unexpectedly prepared a nighttime tennis exercise. Stark also mentioned how she crashed Simon’s 50th birthday party last year and was grateful for the opportunity to speak with him. Simon’s death has left a significant void not just in the tennis world, but also beyond it.