Showterview Host Jessi Stated That She Didn’t Know She Was Being Replaced From The Show


To the amazement of the viewers, Variety talk program Showterview season 1 presenter Jessi revealed that she had no idea she was being replaced. The What Type of X singer responded to an Instagram message from a fan, stating she “didn’t know but good luck to them,” referring to the staff of the variety program. The singer then went on Instagram Live to clear up the misunderstanding before her statements were taken out of context. She stated that she took a sabbatical and was unsure whether or not the program will return. Jessi also said candidly that they did not seem to be returning. She did, however, add that she “didn’t feel resentful at all” after learning about her replacement from fans.


“I just found out yesterday,” Jessi says of her replacement as Showterview presenter after a fan’s remark

Jessi, the Nunu Nana singer, is recognized for her captivating charms and blunt, honest thoughts. This is why the chat show, dubbed Jessi’s Showterview at times, quickly grew to notoriety. She gave fans hot, unhinged, and never-before-seen versions of K-pop idol guests. Jessi’s Showterview’s last episode aired on April 29, with iconic K-pop superstar PSY as its guest. After months of radio-quiet, South Korean media sites stated that Sunmi had been chosen as the next presenter by SBS. The network or Sunmi herself has yet to formally respond to the report.


Following the announcement, followers commented on Jessi’s images, expressing how much they will miss her. Jessi responded, stating she wasn’t aware of the change but wished them success anyhow. Soon after, Jessi went live on Instagram and discussed, among other things, the SBS variety program. Her direct and honest personality said unequivocally that she fully supports Sunmi.

“I’m at a position right now, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, where I feel like there’s no purpose in me lying about anything. I really wish Sunmi the best.”

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The Cold-Blooded singer noted that there were concerns about Showterview, but that things are looking up now that her buddy Sunmi has taken her position.

“I took a breather. We weren’t sure whether we’d return or not; most likely, we wouldn’t. But nothing was confirmed, so I assume my buddy Sunmi took my position.”

Fans reacted positively to Sunmi allegedly hosting the upcoming season, but many were also disappointed since Jessi was renowned for bringing out the finest and most enjoyable aspects of idols with her uninhibited chats. In joking, she would freely discuss smoking, cosmetic surgery, making adult jokes, flinging insults, and other topics. Viewers fear that the Gashina singer will be unable to provide that special touch to the presentation. They are far from alone. During the webcast, Jessi said that the upcoming season will be different since she hosted the program on her own terms.


“To be honest, I know it’s going to be different since, as you know, one aspect of ‘Showterview’ was not scripted. “F**k that, I’m doing it my way,” I responded as they handed me the screenplay.”

She also encouraged supporters to support Sunmi and Showterview, saying that “it’s better than nothing.”

“I’m delighted someone else is doing it because it’s better than nothing.” Please, please, please show Sunmi and ‘Showterview’ a lot of love. I had no idea till one of my admirers informed me yesterday. “I wasn’t bitter at all.”

Sunmi was cheered on by the renowned Zoom vocalist during her webcast. She also assured fans that “different is nice” at times, which piqued their interest in a possible season two with the Gashina singer.