Sheryl Underwood Shared Her Weight-Loss Journey

Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood, co-host of The Talk, recently spoke with People about her 95-pound weight reduction struggle. During the current broadcast of her program, the TV celebrity celebrated her 59th birthday by transforming. The presenter was spotted wearing a vivid purple gown, and she told the newspaper that she tried on ten different dresses before finding one that gave her the “Dorothy Effect.” She said that she wanted a gown that “really displayed the effort” she had put into her weight reduction journey. Underwood said, “I want to show the globe and the audience that they, too, can do it.”

“Choose a dress or a suit as your objective, and strive toward it.”

Crossing her legs while wearing the garment was an emotional moment in Underwood’s weight reduction journey, she said. She said that she followed the weight-reduction plan alongside her pals and co-hosts Amanda Kloots and Natalie Morales. Sheryl Underwood went on to say that she now wants to be recognized for the effort she has put in to get her ideal shape. She said that she wanted to “go into a church and all those saints fanning like, ‘Oh, she looks wonderful,'” since she has worked so hard on her physique. She also said that she wishes to stroll into a club or restaurant and have everyone’s attention drawn to her. The Daytime Emmy Award winner also said that she is pleased with her makeover since “you feel good when you look beautiful.”

Sheryl Underwood’s weight loss journey.

Sheryl Underwood recently disclosed that she shed more than 90 pounds last year after making some significant health adjustments. She told ET ahead of the debut of the 13th season of the program that she and her coworkers started working on their health and fitness together. As she saw her friends and coworkers focusing on their health and well-being, she decided to join in and work on herself. Underwood continued:

“I’m delighted everyone can notice the difference, and there will be more to come.”

However, before embarking on her weight-loss adventure, the TV personality had to consider her reoccurring health difficulties. Underwood said that she initially addressed her gut health before embarking on a fitness adventure in general. She had to deal with diabetes, high blood pressure, and “all the other problems women struggle with” in addition to losing weight. The media star claimed she feels “amazing” about her makeover and is looking forward to working out with her co-hosts from The Talk. She apparently intended to go to the gym with Jerry O’Connell and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, as well as jump rope with Kloots.

Sheryl Underwood

In an interview with People, Sheryl Underwood revealed more about her weight reduction procedure. She said that she began her journey when she weighed between 230 and 250 pounds and her doctor ordered test work for pre-diabetes and hypertension. Sheryl also said that she was scheduled to have bariatic surgery but chose to try Wegovy injections instead. The FDA authorized the weekly injectable in June 2021 to help control appetite.

Sheryl Underwood attempted portion management and other daily behaviors in addition to the injection. In response, she said that she intended to have a surgical procedure performed, but that she would have to “go through the psychiatrist” and a dietitian afterward. She said that she had lost weight while working with a dietitian. While she did not drop a considerable amount of weight, she did lose enough that “insurance was not going to pay for it.”

She also accepted lifestyle changes such as getting more sleep, drinking more water, and eating healthier foods. Underwood said that she began eating more green, leafy vegetables and fruits such as blueberries and strawberries, as well as supplementing her diet with fiber.

Despite the hardship of her schedule, Sheryl Underwood increased the number of basic workouts in her routine:

“Unfortunately, I work in a profession where you drive to work, sit down, and put on your hair and makeup.” Sometimes I simply get up and move about, or I try to chat on the phone while walking around, or I’ll do something while sitting in bed — I may do some stretching and exercising.”

Sheryl Underwood

The Beauty Shop actress also said that, despite her regimen, she lives a “quality” life and is able to have fun with a few key changes. She stated that she was still eating cake and drinking rosé, but in lesser doses and that she has to drink water with her rosé. The 59-year-old also said that she is more aware of her “face puffing up” these days since it is “not only on-camera vanity,” but also health and fitness. Sheryl Underwood concluded that losing weight was a “wonderful sensation,” and she plans to continue on her path.