Sharon Au Parents: Who Are Jeffrey Au And Irene Au? Family Details

Sharon Au

Sharon Au’s parents undoubtedly had a significant influence in shaping her into the person she is today, adored and admired by many. Sharon Au is a popular Singaporean television personality and former actress. After having a significant effect on the business with Mediacorp, she transitioned to a new chapter in her life, demonstrating her resilience by pursuing further education and eventually venturing into the world of finance.

Au rose to prominence in the mid-1990s after joining TCS, which was then known as Mediacorp (Television Corporation of Singapore). Moreover, she garnered several honors for her outstanding performance as an actress and presenter throughout her tenure at Mediacorp. Sharon’s skill and charm helped her become a well-known television personality in Singapore. She did, however, depart from Mediacorp in February 2018, marking a key turning point in her professional career. Au accepted a new career as an investment director at a private equity business in Paris.

Meet Sharon Au’s Father Jeffrey Au

Sharon Au’s father, Jeffrey Au, died recently, revealing a more significant component of her journey in her wide and prominent career. Jeffrey’s life adds an emotional chapter to the former actress and investment director’s tale, defined by a diverse profession and a tumultuous relationship with Sharon. Sharon’s father, Jeffrey Au, died at the age of 74, leaving a gap in his wake.

Sharon Au

On January 3, she posted about her loss on Facebook, expressing affection and sadness for things left unsaid. Furthermore, her heartfelt message portrayed the anguish of losing a loved one, as well as the emotional problems that come with it. Sharon disclosed information about her youth, which was marred by her parents’ divorce, during an interview. Despite the obstacles, her father, Jeffrey, kept in contact with her and paid her a monthly visit. In 2020, she also revealed a major aspect of her relationship with her father, admitting that she hadn’t seen him in 20 years.

Despite the distance, her recollections of her father were strong. Her father was a former St Andrew’s Secondary School disciplinary master and a former police officer with the Criminal Investigation Department’s Secret Societies Branch (SSB). Jeffrey Au was generally considered a remarkable individual, earning the designation of “GOAT” (Greatest Of All Time). Sharon also stressed her father’s legendary status, emphasizing popular affection for him.

Meet Sharon Au’s Mother Irene

Sharon Au’s path is marked by her mother’s unwavering support and influence outside of the entertainment industry’s flash and glamor. Sharon’s mother, Irene, was a single mom who gave her all she needed, tremendously affecting her life. Au’s bond with her mother is strongly founded in the sacrifices and commitment that come with raising a kid on one’s own. Furthermore, her mother’s continuous commitment to giving love, stability, and support paved the way for her to walk in the limelight and beyond.

Sharon Au

Sharon suffered from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a consequence of the entertainment industry’s demands and the problems of stardom. During these tough times, her mother’s support and presence acted as a beacon of hope. Sharon found peace and courage in her mother’s answer during a dreadful time marked by grief and suicidal thoughts.

Furthermore, her mother’s unwavering love and encouragement were pivotal in giving her the emotional support she needed throughout her darkest days. Her mother’s remarks serve as a beacon of sunshine in the aftermath of her arduous struggle through despair. Nonetheless, the answer not only provided her with emotional support, but also gave her a reason to live her life.