“Selling the OC” Star Alex Hall Denies Dating Co-star Tyler Stanaland

Alex Hall

Alex Hall, star of Selling the OC, denied romance rumors with co-star Tyler Stanaland in an interview with UsWeekly published on Tuesday, December 20. Fans of the Netflix program have long speculated that the show’s two leads had an unhealthy working connection. The fact that Tyler already had a wife at the time of the shooting further contributed to the rumors.

In the interview, Hall made the following statement:

It didn’t occur to me until after the program aired when it was all over the news, and I couldn’t help but think about it.

Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland are not dating.

There was talk that Tyler and Brittany Snow broke up because of how close they were to Selling the OC actors, but Hall cleared the air. She told the newspaper that they are just friends and that they rely on one other for emotional support. Hall, a 33-year-old real estate agent, and divorcee expressed empathy for Tyler despite being unable to speak on his behalf. She went on to say that dating was the last thing on her mind during the difficult time of her divorce. She continued by saying that dating has become “another duty” for her.

Alex Hall

Fans had called the two out for their improper connection after the episode aired, but Hall maintains that her association with the Selling the OC actress had nothing to do with the couple’s breakup. It all started in September when Tyler allegedly informed Brittany that one of his costars had tried to kiss him off-camera, as reported by PEOPLE. The newspaper also received word from a reliable source that Tyler’s participation in the program was the last straw. According to the same source:

Brittany was opposed to Tyler appearing on the program, but he insisted. To him, it was important to establish his own reputation.

In the same issue of Us Weekly, Kayla Cardona, Tyler’s Selling the OC co-supposed star’s wife’s nemesis, said that Cardona is not the one the wife should be concerned about. She went on to say that Alex and Tyler are “extremely improper” friends with one other. Moreover, she said

To paraphrase, “I mean, terribly hypocritical… Because it’s quite evident that I didn’t physically interact with the man in question. To clarify, you understand what I mean. Let alone become nude in front of him [like Brindle’s skinny-dipping challenge] or sit on his lap and suck your nose.

The breakup between Tyler and Brittany

It wasn’t long after Selling the OC debuted on Netflix that Tyler and Brittany made the announcement that they were splitting up. Instagram was the platform of choice for the couple’s joint split announcement. The “tough choice” Brittany described in her writing did not come easily.

There was more to the statement:

“All parties involved in this choice really care for and respect one another. We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s crucial to check in with one another and make sure we’re all happy and content with the way we’re living our lives.”

Alex Hall

The day after the couple announced their split, Alex Hall and Tyler were seen out together. When their close proximity fuelled relationship suspicions, Hall said:

Someone took a photo of us with their iPhone when we were at our favorite sushi place quite close to the office.

She went on to say that the two of them were surrounded by their friends in order to provide emotional support to Tyler, so they were not alone.