Sean Strickland Girlfriend: Is He Dating Anyone? Relationship Timeline

Sean Strickland

Sean Strickland, sometimes known as ‘Tarzan,’ is a UFC Middleweight contender who has always kept his personal life private. He earned up to $321,000 in his July bout against Abusupiyan Magomedov. But there is one part of his life about which he is not fully private: his girlfriend. While her identity is unknown, Sean Strickland has often mentioned her in interviews, underlining her significance in his life.┬áSean Strickland’s feelings for his girlfriend are well-documented. In an interview with Helen Yee, he even joked that he would “burn her lawn” if she ever broke up with him. This outlandish claim has piqued people’s curiosity about the identity of this mysterious lady.

A Rare Appearance

Sean Strickland’s girlfriend made a brief but significant cameo in a video promo for UFC 293. She was seen here giving Strickland words of encouragement before his big battle.

Sean Strickland

More Than Just a Helping Hand

Sean Strickland sees her as more than simply a face in the throng. She serves as his emotional anchor and source of support, guiding him through the high-pressure world of MMA.

An Unusual Declaration of Love

Sean Strickland’s unconventional method of expressing love grabbed news. When he said he would “burn her lawn” if they ever split up, he received a lot of giggles and questions.

Earnings and Salary

According to MMA statistics, Strickland earned $116,000 in a defeat to Pereira in 2022. In his most recent bout, he earned $321,000, reflecting his increasing popularity in the UFC.

Is Sean Strickland Dating Anybody Right Now?

Sean Strickland has revealed he is in a relationship, despite the hype and multiple speculations, particularly after a Twitter dispute sparked curiosity. He often mentions his partner as an important element of his life.

Sean Strickland

Personal Life’s Influence on Career

Strickland’s excellent support system, which includes his unknown lover, undoubtedly helps his work. As he prepares for major battles, it’s clear that his girlfriend is an important component of his preparations.


While Sean Strickland wants to keep his personal life quiet, it is clear that his girlfriend is very important to him. She is unquestionably a big presence, whether she is providing emotional support or acting as a sounding board for him.