SBS Has Announced That Taxi Driver Season 2 Will Premiere In Early 2023

Taxi Driver

Lee Je-hoon, Pyo Ye-jin, Kim Eui-Sung, Jang Hyuk-jin, and Bae Yoo-ram have also confirmed their participation in the program. Taxi Driver is slated to return in early 2023 with a new season. Taxi Driver is based on the famous webtoon of the same name and follows the narrative of the vigilante taxi driver organization “Rainbow Transporation Team,” who aid individuals mistreated by others and try to rid the city of crime. Constantly on the run from the authorities, this “Blue-bird” crew searches down offenders who go unpunished by the state in their quest for justice and then pursues vengeance for the oppressed.

The first season of the program was a big success, with a high average viewing rate of 16% and a lot of positive feedback from fans. Lee Je-hoon will resume his role as Kim Do-gi, a guy who chose to seek justice after witnessing the terrible death of his mother. Pyo Ye-jin will also return as Ahn Go-eun, a brilliant hacker who begins working for Rainbow Taxi Company after her older sister commits herself. Unfortunately, Esom’s agency, Artist Company, said that the actress would not be joining the second season of the flagship program owing to scheduling conflicts.


The formal script reading for Taxi Driver 2 will begin on June 12.

Following the confirmation, the majority of the show’s key cast members will attend the official script reading session for the second season, which is set to take place on June 12. The much-awaited Taxi Driver 2 will join the deluge of K-dramas premiering in 2023. Taxi Driver 2 not only has a strong cast and a captivating narrative, but it also addresses important societal issues such as bullying, violence, and harassment.

Taxi Driver

The production crew revealed:

“We are completely prepared to provide a more exciting and in-depth Season 2 in order to compensate you for your enthusiasm for Season 1.” We shall return with an intriguing drama in which you may test the genuine worth of a caper plot. Please show a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm for ‘Taxi Driver 2.”

Rumors about Taxi Driver 2 actor Lee Je-supposed hoon’s romance with Heart Signal 3 cast member Park Ji-hyun began spreading online recently.

Taxi Driver

According to the rumors, the performers were preparing to marry and had already visited a wedding venue to make bookings. Following this, Lee Je-agency, hoon’s COMPANY ON, issued a formal statement strongly denying the rumors, calling them “groundless.” The agency also said that it intends to take serious legal action against anybody who spread such rumors.