Sabrina Jackson Wiki 2024, Age, Relationship, Height, Weight & Career

Sabrina Jackson was the mother of American rapper, musician, actor, television producer, and entrepreneur 50 Cent. Before her death, Sabrina Jackson was involved in and well-known for drug dealing.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Sabrina Jackson
Date Of BirthN/A
Place Of BirthN/A
Country:United States of America
Body MeasurementN/A
Hair ColorN/A
Eye ColorN/A
MotherBeulah Jackson
Kids(one) 50 Cent
Net WorthN/A

Sabrina Jackson Biography

Sabrina Jackson was born in 1960 and gave birth to her only child when she was only 15 years old. Curtis James Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent, was born on July 6, 1975.

Sabrina, who was too young to raise her child, turned to drug dealing to support her only child. She had no choice but to go the illegal route in order to provide for her child.

When it comes to her son, Jackson, had to spend his childhood with his grandparents because his mother died when he was only eight years old. Jackson began boxing when he was 11 years old. He was also involved in several drug dealing cases and was arrested several times as a child.

Sabrina Jackson Death

Sabrina was only 23 years old when she was murdered in 1983. As a result of the d*ug war, she was assassinated. Sabrina’s untimely death was tragic and strange. Cent was only eight years old when this tragedy occurred. In an interview, Cent revealed the death of his mother.

Someone had put something in Cent’s drink and turned on the gas, according to Cent. Cent found it difficult to say goodbye to his adoring mother. His loving mother died that day, which was a heartbreaking event for him.

Cent’s life became increasingly difficult after that. His grandmother looked after him. Cent appreciates and respects his grandmother’s contribution.

Sabrina Jackson Professional Life

There aren’t many specifics about Sabrina’s career to discuss. Sabrina began dealing drugs when she was only 15 years old. She was well-known in Queens as a c*caine dealer. Her son, on the other hand, has accomplished great things in his career.

Cent began rapping in the basement of a friend. On Run-DMC, one of his friends introduced him to Jam Master Jay, who was establishing Jam Master Jay Record. Jay also produced his first album, which was never released.

Cent rose to prominence following the release of his controversial underground single “How to Rob.” Cent wrote this song on the way to the studio in a half-hour car ride.

Jackson was shot with nine bullets on May 24, 2000, and was hospitalized for thirteen days. Cent returned to music after his recovery and released a number of low-budget albums with his friends. Their efforts were rewarded when they attracted the attention of Eminem and Dr. Dre. They signed Cent to their labels, Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment, jointly.

Get Rich or Die Tryin’, 50 Cent’s debut album produced by Eminem and Dr. Dre, was a massive commercial success, selling 9 million units. Get Rich or Die Trying was followed by The Massacre, another hit album. Cent rapped about d*ugs, crime, and other adult topics on this album.

Furthermore, Cent is still active in his professional career and has a number of upcoming projects. Cent has also had a very successful business career. He now has a diverse business and investment portfolio that includes investments in real estate, financial market investments, mining, boxing promotion, vodka, fragrances, consumer electronics, and fashion.

Sabrina Jackson Relationship And Affairs

Cent revealed in an interview that his mother was very macho and preferred chicks over guys. Sabrina was a strong woman who dealt with men fearlessly back in the day. Cent also revealed that his mother had a girlfriend with whom she spent a significant amount of time. Sabrina had also never been married. There is no information about Cent’s father. Cent hasn’t spoken about his father in a long time.

Cent hasn’t married yet. He has been in relationships with a number of lovely women to date. Cent, on the other hand, is not married to anyone. He has also remained silent about his wedding plans. In addition, Cent has two children by two separate women. Their two children’s names are Marquise Jackson and Sire Jackson.

Sabrina Jackson’s Net Worth

Sabrina is no longer with us, and she was unable to watch his lovely son grow into a successful adult. As of 2022, her son, 50 Cent, has amassed a staggering $ 52 million. This substantial sum was earned through his music sales, marketing, television shows, concerts, and other activities. Cent also has a large fan base and has over 28.2 million followers on Instagram.