Ryan Leone A Novelist Passed Away At The Age Of 36

Ryan Leone

Ryan Leone, a writer, died on Saturday, July 2, at the age of 36. Despite the fact that Ryan Leone was a controversial character owing to his previous drug participation, many people paid respect to him on social media. Karina Franco, his fiancée, announced his death on Facebook on Saturday. She said in the post that she was in a “state of shock.”

“I honestly have no idea what to say. I’m still in disbelief. However, many of you need this information. Ryan died late yesterday night. My heart and soul have been plucked out of me. And I apologize for publishing this. But this is how I’m telling you. I don’t have the energy to contact anybody.”

Franco also used George Harrison’s song My Sweet Lord in another article. In that message, she said that she can’t “carry on without” Leone and that she did all she could to rescue him.

What Happened To Ryan Leone?

Ryan Leone came to Facebook on June 29 to share that he has lately had many medical appointments. The 36-year-old claimed in his article that he was first diagnosed with pneumonia. However, this was an inaccurate diagnosis, and the writer was diagnosed with “respiratory and gastrointestinal difficulties.”

Ryan Leone

Leone wrote in his most recent Facebook post:

“I sprained my finger.” Then, for no apparent reason, I went to the hospital twice in a week. They informed me I had pneumonia for the first time. I obtained a second opinion. There was no pneumonia. This is due to being on much too much Methadone (170 mgs!!) and having respiratory and gastrointestinal difficulties. My stomach gets bloated to the point that it feels like a rapidly growing Willy Wonka inflated doughnut.”

As Ryan Leone passes away, tributes pour in.

Ryan Leone was introduced to narcotics at an early age. He then joined the Mendoza Clan, a notorious narcotics gang that placed him in jail for five years. During his stay in prison, he penned his first book. Following his release from jail, he worked toward sobriety and started sharing his experiences with others in order to educate them. Many people turned to social media to express their grief at the death of the writer and jail reform crusader. Others said that despite his jail sentence, he was a “decent man at heart.”

Among the tributes were the following:



Several testimonials praised Leone for trying his best to remain drug-free and for assisting those who wished to do the same. The writer’s admirers were clearly devastated by the news of his death.

Leone’s best-known book was “Wasting Talent”

The Framingham, Massachusetts native began writing at an early age and published his first short tale when he was nine years old. In his early twenties, he began working in television and dealing heroin at the same time. This is when he became engaged with the Mendoza Clan of Oaxacan Indians.

Ryan Leone

Leon got contracts with two big television series after his release from jail. He also authored and sold the film rights to Wasting Talent to William De Los Santos, who will direct it. The film’s primary actor is supposed to be Nick Stahl. A feature-length documentary on Leon’s life, Idiot Savant: The Savage Life of Ryan Leone, is also in the works. The writer established The Prodigy Foundation in 2018. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the abolition of mass imprisonment and the expansion of literacy in the American prison system.