Ronald Wayne- Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Career

Ronald Wayne

Ronald Wayne is a well-known former electronics sector professional from the United States who is best known for co-founding Apple Computer with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He then sold his stake for $800,000 dollars. Wayne then moved on to work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He is also a published author, having written a book titled ‘Adventures of an Apple Founder.’

Quick Facts

Celebrated Name:Ronald Wayne
Real Name/Full Name:Ronald Wayne
Age:89 years old
Birth Date:17 May 1934
Birth Place:Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Height:1.58 m
Weight:71 kg
Sexual Orientation:Gay
Marital Status:N/A
Wife/Spouse (Name):N/A
Profession:Retired electronics industry worker
Net Worth in 2024:$500 thousand

Ronald Wayne Biography

Ronald Gerald Wayne was born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 17, 1934. He graduated from New York’s School of Industrial Arts in 1953. He was educated as a technical draftsman there. He then relocated to California when he was 22 years old. Ronald Wayne declared himself a homosexual in 1974. He has never been married in his whole life. Despite his sexual orientation, he had a positive connection with Steve Jobs. They were both employed at Atari, and no one knew Wayne was homosexual.

Ronald Wayne

Ronald Wayne’s Age, Height, Weight

Ronald Wayne was born on May 17, 1934, is 89 years old as of 2024. His height is 1.58 meters and his weight is 71 kg.


Ronald Wayne started his career by launching his first firm in 1971. His business used to offer gambling machines. However, the firm eventually went bankrupt.

Following that, he began working for Atari. In April 1976, he co-founded Apple Computer with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The enterprise was being overseen by adults. He created the initial Apple logo and also drafted the three men’s collaboration agreement. He also wrote the Apple I user manual.

His stake in Apple was ten percent. Wayne sold his share stake for $800 on April 12, 1976. He exited the partnership when his slot machine firm flopped spectacularly. Jobs and Wozniak, on the other hand, stayed at Apple. Apple was later incorporated as a company. For the forfeiture, he got $1,500.

He stayed with Atari until 1978. In the 1990s, he sold Apple’s corporate agreement for $500. In 2011, the contract was re-auctioned for $1.6 million. He has several patents.

Ronald Wayne wrote a book titled ‘Adventures of an Apple Founder’ in 2011. In October 2011, he became the author of the socioeconomic treatise ‘Insolence of Office.’ He appears in the documentary Welcome to Macintosh.’ He discussed his interactions with Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs in the documentary.

Achievements and Awards

Ronald Wayne has never received an award in his career. One of his most notable professional accomplishments was co-founding Apple Computer. He did, however, sell his ten percent ownership in the firm. He has also published novels with success.

Ronald Wayne’s Net Worth in 2024

Ronald Wayne’s net worth is predicted to be more than $500 thousand as of February 2024. Despite being one of Apple Computers’ co-founders, he sold his stock in 1976 for $800. If he had preserved his 10% interest in Apple Inc., it would have grown to more than $75 billion in 2016. Wayne was compensated $1500 for the forfeiture. This sum would have been worth about $9,000 in 2016. He did start his own business in 1971, but it failed.

Ronald Wayne is widely regarded as one of the most well-liked members of the global electronics business. He is well recognized as the co-founder of Apple Computers. Although he has indicated that he has no remorse about selling his holdings, he would have become a multibillionaire if he had remained with the firm. His participation with Apple was brief, but he obtained more than 10 patents.