Rohan Connolly Health: What Happened To Him? AFL Commentator Illness Update

Rohan Connolly

AFL fans are interested in Rohan Connolly’s Illness after he tweeted that he is in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage. Let’s learn all about his condition and health updates in this article. Rohan Connolly is a highly known and experienced sports writer in Australia. He began his media writing career in 1983 with “The Sun News-Pictorial” (now Herald-Sun), and he continued to work for “The Sunday Age” until 2017. Connolly has also contributed to AFL coverage on radio stations 3AW and 1116 SEN as a boundary rider, among other responsibilities. Furthermore, Rohan now maintains his website, “Footyology.”

Rohan Connolly: Illness and Health Update.

Rohan Connolly’s Illness has lately attracted widespread notice when he claimed to suffer a brain hemorrhage in a tweet.

On April 23, 2023, he tweeted,

“Been a frightening few days for me with a brain bleed. (Yes, they discovered a brain!) I couldn’t have hoped for better treatment than what I experienced at Alfred Hospital. Our healthcare professionals are heroes, and we should all be thankful. Thank you, everyone!”

Rohan Connolly

Connolly has recently made remarkable progress in his recuperation. He has thanked all of his loved ones, close friends, and well-wishers who have helped him heal. In addition, he expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the healthcare staff and thanked them for their devotion and hard work. While he has recovered and began working for AFL, there is no reason for worry about his sickness.

More about Rohan Connolly

Rohan Connolly has spent the previous 39 years carefully following a number of sports, most notably AFL, for print, online, radio, and television audiences. In reality, he is one of Australia’s most experienced and recognized sports reporters. Connolly worked at “The Age” for 30 years, serving as a senior football writer, football editor, and deputy sports editor. Nonetheless, he departed in 2017 to start his website and firm, “Footyology,” best known for the popular podcast of the same name, which he co-hosts with Mark Fine, a former radio colleague.

Rohan also has extensive experience and knowledge in digital media, having recently hosted weekly video AFL shows for The Age and the Essendon Football Club. He is also quite active on social media, where he covers a wide range of issues, including music, politics, and popular culture. In 2008, he received The American Federation of Labor-Congress Media Award for Best Outstanding Feature Writer in recognition of his contributions to the media industry.

Rohan Connolly

From 2002 to 2005, he co-authored the updated version of the reference book “More Than a Century of AFL Grand Finals” with Jim Main. Similarly, he noted on his LinkedIn page that he has worked as a freelancer for a variety of firms in addition to owning his own business, which has been both chaotic and satisfying. Nevertheless, he is on the lookout for any exciting new media opportunities. A respectable guy!