Robert E. Crimo Was Arrested On Suspicion Of Killing Six People

Robert E. Crimo

On Monday evening, Illinois police arrested Robert E Crimo, a 22-year-old rapper suspected of murdering six people and injuring at least 30 others in a July 4 mass shooting. According to USA Today, investigators detained Crimo on Monday during a search. He was detained just after 7 p.m. In an official statement, the head of the Highland Park Police Department, Lou Jogmen, notified the press of Cremo’s release.

According to the statement:

“The suspect was apprehended without incident.”

He went on:

“This does not always indicate that the investigation is done, but we are excited that we have a person of interest.”

Police were initially hesitant to refer to Crimo as a suspect, instead referring to him as a “Person of Interest.” His accusations have not yet been made public.


Robert E Crimo used an alias on the internet.

Robert E Crimo III is the son of Bob Crimo, the proprietor of Bob’s Pantry and Deli in Chicago. According to police, Robert E Crimo is a Chicago-based rapper with a lengthy internet background. Cartoon characters are depicted committing out mass massacres in videos produced under his alias, Awake the Rapper.

Robert E. Crimo

Highland Park officials, according to the Times of Israel, regarded the violent material in the Awake the Rapper videos as a possible indication that the artist had criminal inclinations. The Lake County Major Crime Task Force’s spokesman, Christopher Covelli, detailed their reasoning in a statement.

He stated:

“This person is thought to be responsible for what transpired.”

He continued:

“A large quantity of digital evidence exists.”

Robert E. Crimo

Extended massacre scenes and a photo showing Robert E Crimo clutching images of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man convicted of assassinating President John F. Kennedy in 1963, are available online. According to sources, YouTube removed most of Crimo’s videos when he was recognized as a suspect. Illinois Governor J.B Pritzker issued a formal statement condemning Crimo’s acts and the incidence of mass shootings in general.

He stated:

“It’s heartbreaking that our distinctively American disease torn apart a celebration of America.”

He continued:

“I’m enraged because it doesn’t have to be this way… While the Fourth of July is only celebrated once a year, mass shootings have become a weekly — yes, weekly — American ritual.”

The July 4 incident in Highland Park, Illinois, is one of 309 mass shootings in America in 2022, according to Times Now News. It followed high-profile massacres in Texas, Oklahoma, and New York.