Ricky Dubose Was Reportedly Discovered Dead In His Cell

Ricky Dubose

Ricky Dubose, 29, of Georgia, who was recently sentenced to death for the murders of two prison guards during an attempted escape five years ago, committed suicide behind bars, according to corrections officers. Ricky Dubose, according to accounts, hung himself. According to Putnam County Sheriff Howard R. Sill,

“He took his own life. He could commit himself in the same amount of time it took him to kill Billue and Monica. It does not take long to complete. It may happen in a couple of seconds if someone decides to do it.”

The death of Dubose was verified by Georgia Department of Corrections employees, according to the sheriff. The cause of death was not disclosed in a press statement issued on Sunday.


Ricky Dubose’s Death In Prison

Corrections personnel found Ricky Dubose unconscious in his cell at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson at 4:45 p.m. on Sunday, according to a Department of Corrections news release. The guards began to help and requested medical assistance. The coroner at the jail declared Dubose deceased at 5:56 p.m.

According to officials from the Department of Corrections,

“The emergency services were contacted, and life-saving efforts were taken. The coroner pronounced Dubose dead at the facility at 5:56 p.m. As is regular practice, the GDC is launching an inquiry into the fatality in collaboration with the GBI.”

Ricky Dubose

According to accounts, Ricky Dubose’s death grieved Attorney Gerard Ward. He said,

“Even though I’d only known Ricky for about a year, this is tremendously terrible to all of us.”

In June 2017, Dubose and a fellow prisoner called Donnie Rowe overpowered two prison officials named Curtis Billue and Christopher Monica in a prison transport vehicle. Dubose killed them using one of their weapons. He and Rowe fled after robbing a passerby and finally landed in Tennessee. According to Bedford County Sheriff Austin Swing, at the time, the convicts were restrained and their property and clothing were taken. The fugitives eventually surrendered. They handed themselves to a local guy rather than authorities, according to law enforcement.

Despite the fact that both individuals were tried and convicted separately, Dubose got the death penalty as the real shooter. Rowe was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of release. Dubose’s attorneys argued in court that Rowe had influence over their client’s actions and that their client had an intellectual handicap.

Ricky Dubose


Gabrielle Pittman, a defense attorney, said,

“Ricky did, indeed, shoot at people. But you know who was driving and who gave him the guns…it was Donnie.”

T. Wright Barksdale, the prosecutor, described Dubose as “a clever, determined criminal.” The relatives of victims Billue and Monica applauded the judgment and punishment meted out to Dubose.