Reasons Behind Kat Stickler And Mike Stickler’s Split

Kat Stickler

At the start of 2021, Kat Stickler became the internet’s favorite mommy. She rose to stardom thanks to TikTok and the help of her ex-husband Mike Stickler. However, the young couple’s marriage did not survive long, and they divorced shortly after the birth of their daughter, MK. Despite being apart for over a year, the most often asked topic concerning their divorce is still about them. And, until today, they had never divulged anything about the circumstances of their divorce.

Kat Stickler and her ex-husband divorced for what reason?

Kat and Mike announced their separation on March 17, 2021. They said in their TikTok announcement video that no one was to blame for the divorce. It was just a matter of two individuals not getting along. They divorced amicably and agreed to co-parent MK to the best of their ability. However, new information regarding their connection has emerged. And Kat was the first to expose and address this significant information.

Kat Stickler

Kat uploaded a Q&A video on January 13, 2022, after opening her YouTube account in January 2022. She answered several personal issues in the video, one of which was about her divorce and why she doesn’t speak about it often. She said she couldn’t speak about her divorce at the beginning of the video after seeming to finally address the question of why she and her ex-husband separated. Kat said that she had signed an NDA with Mike in order to protect her kid. However, in the video, she said that she would provide whatever information she deemed essential.

Kat Stickler

Mike, too, discussed the NDA on his Instagram on February 9. He revealed why his marriage with Kat did not work in his article.
“We got married young, had a kid, realized we weren’t fit for one other, and the relationship became toxic,” Mike told his followers in what seemed to be live broadcast footage. He further said that they had “determined it was better to separate ways, simply put.” Because of their social media presence, Kat and his attorneys encouraged them to sign an NDA. According to him, the situation was no more spectacular than a basic contract, and the relationship just did not work.

Kat Stickler and Her Ex-Co-Parenting Husband’s Experience

After explaining the divorce and NDA, Kat went on to answer a fan’s question about her co-parenting experience with her ex-husband. She described how on the first night she was separated from her kid; she felt as if someone had taken away her other half. Kat had also not yet mastered the art of co-parenting. “I’ve had my breakdown moments,” Kat acknowledged, admitting that she is still dealing with it. Her issue was exacerbated since she had moved on from her ex-husband and did not want to romanticize the event.
She also highlighted how divorce does not necessarily imply independence. But she stated again that she would do what she had done, hinting at divorce, since “it simply wasn’t the appropriate setting for [her].”


Kat vowed to talk about co-parenting once she had a better understanding of the subject. Mike had similar sentiments regarding co-parenting. He said that it had become better with time but that it was all about practice and getting accustomed to it. The greatest advice he could offer anybody in this scenario was to make it about their children. “It’s about MK; it’s about my baby,” he stated in another Instagram video. For the time being, both of them seem to have gone on with their lives. Kat has been dating her new lover, Cam Winter, for quite some time. Michael, too, shares photos of himself with his current girlfriend, Tia Alannah Borso, on Instagram.