“Ready to Love” Season 6 Reunion Is Set To Be Released On OWN TV

Ready to Love

Ready to Love will return with a new explosive episode. The dating program explores the lives of prominent African-American men and women, focusing on the wooing stage from the male viewpoint. The next show is one of the most anticipated, as the group reunites for a reunion special to deconstruct their journey and face one other. The special will be far more dramatic, with one of the cast members even walking out.

The episode’s summary is as follows:

“The “Ready to Love” ensemble spills the beans about their voyage but can’t get away from the turmoil, sending many cast members fleeing the stage.”

The newest episode will air on OWN on Friday, October 21, at 8 p.m. ET.

On the Ready to Love reunion special, Shareese and Kadian got heated.

After an explosive season, the Ready to Love cast is ready to confront each other, and the claws are out. In a sneak look at the reunion special, Shareese and Kadian argue over a remark Shareese reportedly made. When the presenter questions Kadian about the sugar daddy statement, she advises him to ask Shareese since she knows nothing about it.

Ready to Love

Shareese claims:

“Because it wasn’t taped, I’m not going to say it here and make my case. But I know she said we’re going out to her and her sugar daddy.”

Kadian states that she does not speak in such manner and that Shareese phoned her to speak with her. The Ready to Love cast members argue when Shareese alleges that Kadian called her rather than the other way around. When the cast members can’t get their tales straight, the others roll their eyes, and Kadian labels the other star “delusional.”

In another trailer, Kadian can be seen raging at the whole group and saying:

“I’m going to f*** all these b****** up.”

Sampson confesses to being in a relationship, and Tarnika is overheard telling someone that “he doesn’t even claim you outside of this.” This reunion episode is jam-packed with drama, so tune in to find out which cast member dashes off the stage and why the Ready to Love ensemble is left gasping.

Ready to Love

More information about the program

Ready to Love is a dating program that focuses on the male viewpoint as they seek genuine long-term partnerships. The program centered on prosperous African-American women and men in their 30s and 40s who were looking for love.

The show’s synopsis is as follows:

“An unscripted dating series from a male viewpoint hits the airwaves, emphasizing their insights and experiences as they seek enduring, honest, and true love. “Ready to Love” follows successful black men and women in their 30s and 40s as they go through the wooing process.”

The program lets the competitors choose who goes home each week, since who better to send individuals home than those who are deciding whether or not they are worth getting to know? Part one of the reunion special will broadcast on OWN on Friday, October 21, at 8 p.m. ET, when the cast comes together to expose each other’s dirty laundry.