“Re/Member” A Horror Movie Is Set To Released On Netflix

Re Member

Netflix’s latest Japanese horror film, Re/Member, is set to debut on the streaming service on Tuesday, February 14, 2023, at 3 a.m. ET. The terrifying narrative of a group of high school students searching for the dispersed remains of a body buried in their school is told in the film. If they do not, they will be slain by the “Red Person” and trapped in a time loop. Kanna Hashimoto and many more have important parts in the film. Eiichiro Hasumi directs Re/Member.

The trailer for Re/Member retains a dark and unsettling tone.

On January 17, 2023, Netflix published the official trailer for Re/Member, which gives a taste of the countless frightening events that will take place in the new film. The trailer begins withRe Member a foreboding tone, with a girl staring out her window on a rainy day, followed by a voice-over that says:

“Please locate my body.”


The teaser is about two minutes long but contains no spoilers that may damage viewers’ watching experience. Overall, it retains a terrifying tone that horror movie lovers will undoubtedly like. Along with the trailer, Netflix released the film’s official description on their YouTube page. It reads:

“Asuka, Takahiro, and four other high students must spend the night searching for the dispersed remains of a corpse concealed throughout their school, or risk being murdered by the “Red Person” and reliving the same day indefinitely.”

The summary continues:

“Will they be able to break out from the deadly cycle and see tomorrow? In this ultra-thrilling looping horror adventure, a deathly exciting conclusion awaits.”

Viewers may expect a scary and terrifying thriller that examines the various dark corners of the human psyche based on the official trailer and description.

A short glance at the cast and crew of Re/Member.

Kanna Hashimoto plays Asuka Morisaki in one of the main roles in Re/Member. According to multiple rumors and the film’s trailer, Asuka seems to be the protagonist and leader of the gang. At this moment, not much more is known about her character. Hashimoto looks fantastic in the teaser, effortlessly capturing her character’s tension, anger, and paranoia. Fans should expect a somber performance from her.

Re Member

Kanna Hashimoto is well-known for her roles in films and television programs such as Black Night Parade, Kaguya-sama Final: Love Is War, and Gintama 2: Yomino Kimyo ni Gintama-chan, to mention a few. Gordon Maeda, who plays Takahiro Ise in the film, co-stars with Hashimoto in another crucial role. More information about the character is presently being withheld. In the trailer, he looks similarly amazing, promising to give a remarkable performance in the film.

Other prominent film and television acting credits for Maeda include With You Who Wanted to Be a Star, My Subordinate Haruto-kun, and many more. Other actors in the cast include Maika Yamamoto, Kotaro Daigo, Fuju Kamio, and many more. Assassination Classroom and Assassination Classroom: Graduation director Eiichiro Hasumi is well-known for his work. Re/Member will be available on Netflix on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.