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Ralph Cirella

Ralph Cirella is a well-known designer, stylist, and actor in the United States. Ralph Cirella is well-known as Howard Stern’s stylist and consultant.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Ralph Cirella
Profession:Actor, Stylist
Country:United States
Height:5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Net Worth$1 million
Birth PlaceNew Jersey

Ralph Cirella Biography

Ralph Cirella was born in New Jersey on April 20, 1965. He is 58 years old and an Aries by birth. Born from a Caucasian household, he grew up in a Caucasian neighborhood. However, the stylist has chosen to withhold his father’s and mother’s names from the media. Ralph is a Christian from a religious standpoint. Additionally, Ralph has kept his personal information private from the public, which means that very little information about his family history is available.

Cirella attended a private school for his high school studies. As I previously stated, he has maintained a low profile in the media and has not disclosed much personal information. We will inform you of his academic credentials following a thorough check.

Ralph Cirella age
Ralph Cirella

Ralph Cirella Height And Weight

In terms of bodily measurements, Ralph has a reasonably well-shaped and well-maintained physique. He stands at approximately 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 70 kilograms. Apart from this, no information about Ralph’s body measurements is available.


Every famous person has overcome adversity to reach their current position. Ralph is likewise one of those individuals who arose from the start. He did not wind up in the position he is in by luck. He was once a radio host. He then began working in the cosmetics, costume, and garment industries. However, his current income comes primarily from his employment in the costume and costume department.

Cirella invented the Speaking Penis in 1986. He came mostly to crown the Forum Felt’s New Year broadcast. He was later unable to accomplish his objective. His efforts, however, were not in vain, as Howard Television hired him as Howard Stern’s personal stylist. Ralph made his feature picture debut in 1990 as Howard’s personal stylist.
He was also in charge of Howard Stern’s WWOR-TV show’s makeup, special effects, and costumes. In 2006, he began hosting The Friday Show on the Howard 100 and Howard 101 radio stations. However, he was unable to sustain the program for an extended period of time and eventually quit. Additionally, he was the Greek host of the Howard 101 Time Show.

Ralph Cirella Net Worth

Ralph Cirella has amassed a respectable sum of money throughout his career. He has, however, concealed his annual income and compensation from the public eye. According to sources, he is considered to have a net worth of around $1 million as of February 2024.

Ralph Cirella net worth
Ralph Cirella

Ralph Cirella Wife, Marriage

Ralph Cirella has made no mention of his current relationship. However, based on his behavior and facts, we may deduce that he is most likely single. His name was originally associated with a large number of males and females. Yes, you read correctly: Ralph is a born homosexual. In 1975, he began dating James T. Hanley. In 2005, he began dating Sam Simon. Additionally, Ralph was romantically involved with Sandra Bernhard and Sara Switzer in 2009.

His name, on the other hand, is no longer associated with anyone. This suggests that he has shifted his focus away from these issues and onto his work. I’m hoping he quickly finds the right spouse and is able to inform us of his wedding arrangements.