Priah Ferguson’s Parents Were Very Helpful During Her Acting Career

Priah Ferguson

“All of us are time travelers.” That’s one of Stranger Things season 4’s most memorable statements, as well as a symbolic truism for most of the younger cast members. Priah Ferguson is a cast member that stands out more than others. Ferguson, a genuine Gen Zer, had a lot of catching up to do before she could properly portray Erica and her role in the program. And her folks were quite helpful in her catch-up journey.

Priah Ferguson’s parents assisted her with her preparations.

Ferguson has done several interviews after becoming famous for her role. She was questioned about her preparation for her part in the majority of them. Ferguson has emphasized her parents’ involvement in her preparation for the part of Lucas Sinclair’s sister in the majority of those interviews (played by Caleb McLaughlin). Her parents have firsthand knowledge of the 1980s, the era in which Stranger Things is set.

Priah Ferguson

She began studying the part and the historical period the day she received the casting email. She got into a lot of stuff after that. Her grandparents’ picture albums came first. She went through them, learning about the fashion and style of the period. Then her parents chimed in with what they knew and experienced back in the 1980s. “My mom grew up in the 1980s, so she taught me about what occurred and what people did back then,” she told Seventeen in May 2022.

She also taught her “some ’80s fashion” and provided input on the outfits she wore on set as Erica.

“Every time my grandma sees the show, she exclaims, ‘I remember it!'” Ferguson said this to Open Tapes. “Or: Your mother wore the same shirt.”

She also began to like ’80s hair more. And, although she was already a lover of the music of the time, she grew to like it even more after learning more about it from her parents. Old music and movies also helped, and her father pitched in a little. Stranger Things season one had already been viewed by her father. Her father was a great admirer of He-Man, so she saw movies like E.T. and He-Man. “He taught me a lot about it,” she said in an interview with Brief Take.

Stranger Things has always received a lot of accolades for accurately depicting the 1980s. Ferguson and her mother were both impressed. “Everything reminded me of my grandmother’s home, right down to the dishes and furnishings,” she told The STAR (via Pressreader). “It was fun.”

Parents and Family of Priah Ferguson

Ferguson is the elder daughter of her parents. She has a younger sister, and she utilizes her characteristics to help Erica. The actor, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, is just 15 years old but has been acting for over a decade. Her parents work in the arts, and her mother was the first to explain what acting meant to her.

Priah Ferguson

After that, she realized she wanted to be an actress. So her adventure started with acting camps, then school theater, and finally signing with an agency. Her mother also informed her that she had been cast in Stranger Things. She received the email from her agent to Ferguson after she came home from school one day.