Post Malone’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Post Malone

Post Malone is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer who rose to prominence in 2015 after the release of his first single, ‘White Iverson.’ Music fans often wonder about Post Malone’s tattoos. Austin Richard Post, commonly known as Post Malone, is a tattoo enthusiast. The guy has different patterns tattooed all over his body. Post Malone has far too many tattoos, even by Rapper standards. Continue reading to learn more about his controversial tattoos and their significance.

1. ‘Barbed Wire’ Tattoo

‘Barbed Wire’ Tattoo
Post Malone ‘Barbed Wire’ Tattoo (Source: google)

Tattoo: He has a ‘Barbed Wire’ tattoo on the top part of his forehead.

Meaning: Post Malone had the barbed wire tattooed on the top of his skull. Many people believed that Post was suffering from mental health problems, which was why he got such bizarre facial tattoos. Malone never publicly addressed his mental health problems, instead of confessing that he got the facial tattoos to irritate his mother.

2. ‘Playboy Bunny Logo’ Tattoo

‘Playboy Bunny Logo’ Tattoo
Post Malone ‘Playboy Bunny Logo’ Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: ‘Playboy Bunny Logo’ near his right eye, slightly below the smiling.

Meaning: Post Malone received a tiny ‘playboy bunny logo’ tattoo near his right eye, immediately below his smiling tattoo. Such tattoos are often tattooed by males to express their natures as players or playboys. Malone never revealed why he got his tattoo.

3. ‘Mini Heart’ Tattoo

‘Mini Heart’ Tattoo
Post Malone ‘Mini Heart’ Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: A ‘Mini Heart’ tattoo on the right side of his face, underneath the playboy tattoo.

Meaning: Post Malone received a mini heart tattoo on the right side of his face, directly below his playboy bunny emblem. Heart tattoos are often used to represent love, affection, emotions, and sentiments.

4. ‘Ace of Spades Card’ Tattoo

‘Ace of Spades Card’ Tattoo
Post Malone ‘Ace of Spades Card’ Tattoo (Source: google)

Tattoo: ‘Ace of Spades Card’ tattooed on the right side of his brow.

Meaning: Post Malone received a black ace of spades card tattoo on the right side of his forehead, directly above his stay away’ tattoo. In general, an Ace of Spades tattoo represents good luck and prosperity.

5. ‘Johnny Cash Portrait’ Tattoo

‘Johnny Cash Portrait’ Tattoo
Post Malone ‘Johnny Cash Portrait’ Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: On his left arm, he has a tattoo of Johnny Cash Portrait.’

Meaning: Post Malone features a large ‘picture of Johnny Cash,’ an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor who died on September 12, 2003. Malone tattooed the image of Jonny Cash on his left arm as a souvenir. He posted a photo of this tattoo on his social media page, along with the caption,

“CASH by @dannybones64.”

6. ‘Barbed Wire’ Tattoo

‘Barbed Wire’ Tattoo
+ ‘Barbed Wire’ Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: He has a ‘Barbed Wire’ tattoo on both hands.

Meaning: Post Malone had the phrase “barbed wire” tattooed on both hands. He also has a barbed tattoo on his forehead, which some believe was done due to his mental health problems. Malone has never publicly commented about having such unusual tattoos on his body.

7. ‘Jesus Portrait’ Tattoo

‘Jesus Portrait’ Tattoo
Post Malone ‘Jesus Portrait’ Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: ‘Jesus Portrait’ Tattoo on his chest.

Meaning: Malone has a ‘Jesus Portrait’ tattoo on the right side of his breast. Malone said in an interview that Justin Bieber is the true inspiration for the number of tattoos he has on his body.

8. ‘Stay Away Tattoo

‘Stay Away Tattoo
Post Malone ‘Stay Away Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: ‘Stay Away’ Tattoo above his right eyebrow.

Meaning: Post Malone’s right brow has a one-of-a-kind tattoo that reads “Stay Away.” His admirers speculated that he got this tattoo to warn others to stay away from him, but he debunked the allegations by saying, “They’re just song lyrics.” He got the tattoo to irritate his mum. He said in an interview, “I just wanted to, I don’t know, piss off my mum. I know she’s angry, but Mama, I love you so much. You are unrivaled. I apologize.”

9. ‘Lil Peep Portrait’ Tattoo

‘Lil Peep Portrait’ Tattoo
Post Malone ‘Lil Peep Portrait’ Tattoo (Source: google)

Tattoo: ‘Lip Peep Portrait’ on his left arm.

Meaning: Post Malone has always admired Lil Peep and his music. Following Lil Peep’s untimely death in 2017, Malone tattooed his image on his left arm to show his love and devotion for him. Post Malone captioned a photo of himself with Peep, “In the brief time I knew you; you were a wonderful friend and a wonderful person. Your song altered the course of history and will never be the same again. I’ll always adore you, bud.”

10. ‘Praying Hands With A Gun’ Tattoo

‘Praying Hands With A Gun’ Tattoo
Post Malone ‘Praying Hands With A Gun’ Tattoo (Source: google)

Tattoo: ‘Praying Hands With A Gun’ Tattoo on right arm.

Meaning: Post Malone’s right arm has a large tattoo of praying hands holding a pistol. The pistol tattoo is often associated with evil and danger, while the praying hands are associated with bravery and reverence. Malone has a tattoo of each of these designs, praying hands with a pistol in between. So far, Malone hasn’t revealed why he got this tattoo on his arm.

11. ‘Gun With A Snake’ Tattoo

‘Gun With A Snake’ Tattoo
Post Malone ‘Gun With A Snake’ Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: On his left arm, he has a tattoo of a gun with a snake coiled around it.

Meaning: Malone previously had the tattoo ‘prayer hands clutching a pistol’ on his right arm. On his left arm, he has a tattoo that looks like a pistol with a snake coiled around it. Malone got this tattoo in honor of the United States Constitution’s “Second Amendment,” which protects the individual right to keep and bear weapons.

12. ‘Skull’ Tattoo

‘Skull’ Tattoo
Post Malone ‘Skull’ Tattoo (Source: Google)

Tattoo: ‘Skull’ Tattoo on the inner side of his left arm.

Meaning: Malone had a skull tattooed on the inside side of his left arm in blue, red, and yellow ink. It’s a tattoo of a Stone Cold Skull with a Texas Flag and a gold grill that tattoo artist Yeyo Mondragon tattooed on his left arm.