Phil Simms Wife Diana Simms Is A Mother Of Three

Diana Simms

Phil Simms is most remembered in the NFL for his fifteen years as a quarterback for the New York Giants. Simms won two Super Bowls with his squad and was also selected to the Pro Bowl. His boys have followed in their father’s footsteps and played professional football.

Due to the family’s role in the NFL, fan interest in the Simms family has grown recently. And while many are familiar with Phil and his boys, many are curious about Phil Simms’ wife, Diana Simms.

Diana Simms
Diana Simms

Wife of Phil Simms Simms, Diana

Diana Simms, Phil Simms’ wife, originally gained prominence as a result of her association with the former New York Giants quarterback. The couple met long before Simms achieved NFL stardom and married a year after the Giants drafted him in the 1979 NFL Draft. The pair married in a private ceremony on the 23rd of February 1980.

There is scant information concerning Diana’s early life; however, some sources indicate that she was formerly a model who left the industry after meeting Phil. The couple has been together for more than forty years, and it appears as though their love has just grown stronger with each passing day.

While the married couple is reticent about discussing their private lives, there is little doubt that Phil Simms and his wife have cherished their life together and will continue to do so.

Is A Mother Of Three Children

Phil Simms and his wife, Diana Simms, are the delighted parents of three children: Christopher David Simms and Matthew Phillip Simms, and Deirdre Simms. Chris Simms and Matt Simms, two of their three sons, followed in their father’s footsteps and played in the NFL.

On the other side, Diana and Phil’s daughter, Deirdre, chose, like her mother, to avoid the spotlight. However, she did marry Brian Toal, a former football player. Deidre and Brian discussed their marital and love history in a New York Times piece.

Phil and his wife also expressed their feelings regarding their daughter and son-in-law in the same piece. Diana admitted that she was fully aware of Toal’s interest in her daughter during their high school years. This demonstrates Phil Simms’ wife’s attentive character and her willingness to back her children’s choices.

Diana Simms Was A Strong Advocate For Her Husband’s Career

Phil Simms endured a difficult first four years with the New York Giants. He was frequently injured, and his game was uneven, which earned him the fans’ dislike. Simms stated in one remark that his wife, Diana, was forced to remain in the grandstand and listen to supporters curse him due to his terrible performance.

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The duo were newlyweds and had just begun their lives together. Despite Phil’s professional difficulties, Diana remained a staunch supporter of her husband. The pair encountered numerous difficulties during their lives but never allowed them to affect their relationship or family life.

Prefers To Avoid The Spotlight

Unlike her husband, who rose to prominence as a New York Giants quarterback, Diana Simms desired to remain out of the limelight. While Phil was performing in front of thousands of people, his wife stayed at home and enjoyed every minute of it. Diana has never spoken publicly about her early life or relationship with the retired NFL player.

Phil Simms and his wife appear to be very much in love, even after forty years of marriage. We wish the Simms couple the best of luck and hope they will speak about their long-lasting relationship in the future days.