Paul, Sarah, And Gary Jr: Meet Gary Glitter Children

Gary Glitter Children

Gary Glitter was a record producer and songwriter. He was one of the most successful, prominent, and well-liked artists before his arrest, conviction, and imprisonment for downloading thousands of child pornography photographs and films.

Gary Glitter was also found guilty of child sexual abuse and a slew of other sexual offenses, including attempted rape. Gary’s successful career came to an end. Gary has seven studio albums, four live albums, thirteen compilation albums, one extended play (EP), and 42 singles to his credit. He had an impact on a number of well-known musicians.

What Are Gary Glitter’s Children’s Names?

Gary Glitter, born Paul Francis Gadd, has a family of his own. He has three children from his previous marriage. From his marriage to his now ex-wife Ann Murton, he had a son Paul and a daughter Sarah. He married Ann in July 1963 and they divorced in 1972. Gary Jr. is the son of Gary and his Cuban lover, Yudenia Sosa Martnez.

Paul Is The First Son Of Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter’s first kid and son is Paul Gadd. Paul was born in the year 1964 and will turn 59 in the year 2023. He was the result of Gary’s marriage to Ann Murton. Paul Gadd and his father Gary Glitter had a strong relationship before Gary got imprisoned.

Gary had previously paid numerous visits to his son Paul at his house in Stoke Gabriel, South Devon. Paul no longer wants anything to do with his father. He even warned his father Gary to avoid him. Paul informed his father, “You’re not welcome here.” Paul stated.

“He’s not coming back here after what he’s done.” I haven’t contacted my father and don’t intend to.” “I have a beautiful home here,” Paul explained, “and I don’t want him to come and spoil it.” Gary Glitter was scheduled to be released after serving eight weeks of a four-month sentence for downloading 4,000 child pornographic photos on the Internet.

Gary Jr. Is Meet The Second Son Of Gary Glitter

Gary Pantoja Sosa is Gary Glitter’s younger brother. Gary Jr. is Gary Glitter’s son from his relationship with Yudenia Sosa Martnez. Gary Jr. was born in the month of February 2001. He will be 22 years old in 2023. He is a tattoo artist who enjoys skateboarding. He currently resides in Gran Canaria, Spain, and works as a tattoo artist.

Gary Jr and his father Gary Glitter did not spend much time together as children. His father has been in and out of prison since he was born in 2001. They were communicating despite the fact that they had never met. Gary Jr., unlike his older siblings Paul and Sarah, who have shunned their father, wishes to maintain contact with him following his release from prison.

Meet Sarah Gary Glitter’s daughter.

Gary Glitter and his ex-wife Ann Murton have one daughter. Sarah Gadd is his daughter. Sarah was born in 1966 to Gary and Ann. Sarah will be 57 years old when she celebrates her birthday in 2023. Gary, Sarah’s father, has stated that she is not his biological kid. Gary said that his only daughter Sarah was fathered by his best friend.

Gary Glitter claims that his ex-wife Ann Murton had an affair with his best friend before they split. Gary claims that Sarah is not his biological daughter. “I didn’t see Sarah very often,” he explained. I’m embarrassed. She probably didn’t want to see me because I wasn’t her biological father.”

Gary Glitter just stated that his son “Paul clarified that she was not. At the time, I was living in Germany. Paul, my son, stated that I was not the father. I feel my wife Ann was having an affair with my best buddy, and I still believe he is her father. She is not my biological daughter.”