Olivia Plath And Ethan Had Marital Issues Since “Welcome to Plathville season 4

TLC’s Welcome to Plathville season 4 premiered a new episode on Tuesday night, and this week Ethan got into another scrape with Olivia. Ethan returned from Cairo after seeing his father, although he didn’t communicate with his wife much throughout his trip. While she was annoyed that he didn’t speak to her, she was enraged that he did anything behind her back.

Olivia and Ethan have been having marital problems since the fourth season of Welcome to Plathville returned. It began with Ethan concealing the fact that he had purchased a vehicle while they were apart. The pair also lacks communication, which has contributed to their misunderstandings. But things between Ethan and Olivia deteriorated when the Welcome to Plathville actor returned from Cairo with a surprise.


Olivia was enraged with Ethan in Welcome to Plathville episode 9 of Season 4.

The ninth episode of Welcome to Plathville began with Ethan and Barry bonding after not speaking for nearly two years. Ethan was distraught after learning about his parents’ divorce. Olivia said that she knew Kim and Barry were divorcing but wanted to hear the news from Ethan first. She said she phoned him around 15 times while he was in Cairo, but he only returned her call once.

Olivia Plath

While she was already annoyed by Ethan’s actions, she was enraged when he arrived from Cairo in someone else’s automobile rather than on his motorbike. The star of Welcome to Plathville inquired about her husband’s motorbike. Ethan responded that he had purchased a used motorbike while in Cairo, but it had broken down on the way back.

Olivia was taken aback and questioned Ethan why he hadn’t called her and told her about it. Ethan said that he planned to ride it down to Tampa and then surprise her with it, but the battery failed on the way. He said that he will come in the evening to attempt to get his car. When asked where his old motorbike was, Ethan said it was in Cairo. Despite Olivia’s questions, the Welcome to Plathville actor became agitated and moved away from his wife.

Olivia said during her confessional that Ethan’s decision to walk away and slam the door was juvenile. Olivia tried to negotiate with Ethan and resolve their quarrel by asking why he kept the news of his new motorbike from her. She went on to say that she just found out about the automobile he had kept hidden from her for eight months last month.

Olivia Plath


He kept the motorbike news from her this month. Despite Ethan’s assurance that he would return home and present it to her anyhow, Olivia reminded her husband that he should have informed her or consulted her. Olivia explained to her husband that he had hidden the automobile since they were on a break. But now that they were dating, he should’ve been attentive to her when it came to the motorbike. TLC’s Welcome to Plathville airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET. Readers may find additional information in their local listings.