Noella Bergener’s Father Leaves KNBC Due To Sexual Harassment Allegations

Noella Bergener

In 2019, Noella Bergener joined The Real Housewives of Orange County. She then confirmed her departure from the program after two seasons in July 2022. Her choice to leave occurred after a particularly trying 2021. She had a rocky personal life with her partner, which resulted in a split, and she also lost her father, Christopher Nance. Bergener was devastated by the loss of his father. But he wasn’t only her loss; a whole generation of people who depended on their televisions for weather updates lost Nance.

Noella Bergener’s Christopher Nance Father — Life, Death, and Career

In the United States, Christopher Nance was a well-known name in weather reporting. The iconic weatherman, known as “Weather Dude,” reported on the weather for several TV stations throughout the years. Nance was born in Pacific Grove, California, in 1955, and had a brother who died in the early 2000s. He graduated from Pacific Grove High School in the early 1970s and went on to work in the news.

He worked in news for KION-TV in Monterey and KNBC in San Francisco before earning his greatest and longest-running position as a weathercaster at KNBC in Los Angeles. Nance began working for KNBC in 1985, first appearing on its weekend newscasts. His jobs grew in importance, as did his celebrity; he appeared on the Today program and in the mornings. He also got his moniker, “Weather Dude,” from KNBC.

Christopher Nance

Nance was active in KNBC’s community outreach projects in addition to his day job. He also authored many children’s books and founded and maintained a non-profit organization to promote awareness and finances for sickle cell anemia, a condition he was afflicted with at a young age. He combined his personal and professional life by dating a couple of interns at KNBC. That all changed when he met Bergener’s mother.

He was allegedly in Hawaii in his latter years, living out his retirement but continuing to engage in philanthropic activities and producing books for children. Then, in October 2021, tragedy struck. Nance died at the age of 66. Although the circumstances are vague, Bergener’s Instagram post regarding his death implied that it was related to his sickle cell anemia. Bergener noted in her article, “He was the oldest surviving guy in the United States with sickle cell anemia.” She also emphasized his numerous good actions for youngsters with terminal diseases and his years as an NBC weatherman.


Nance’s connection with his daughter was strained, but the father-daughter couple reunited in 2020. The RHOC actress said how he provided her with nice memories to cherish from their time together.
“Your great understanding and support are something I will treasure for the rest of my life,” she said. Bergener also said how much he enjoys being a grandfather and how her son James has his eyes.

“If I didn’t tell you enough how proud I am to be your daughter while you were here, I pray you to hear it in the sky,” she said. “I adore you.”

Christopher Nance’s Time at KNBC Was Cut Short Due to Sexual Harassment Allegations

Nance’s tenure as the Weather Dude on television was cut short in 2002 when the news station fired him due to sexual misconduct claims. He was sacked in late December 2002 after being suspended in August. He was suspended after an intern alleged that he was acting inappropriately toward her. Nance was reinstated for a while but then received an unexpected termination letter from the employer.

Noemi Bocch

Nance, who was 47 at the time, denied the claims were unfounded. The charges came at a very difficult moment for him since he was experiencing marital troubles with his wife, and the accusations further compounded.

“Nothing about it was incorrect. There was nothing physical involved “He spoke about his conduct with the intern. “There was nothing sexual about it.”

Nance responded to the claims by claiming that after 17 years at the station, he was bound to have some enemies. The stress of the charges, along with his brother’s recent death, led his sickle cell anemia to recur. However, he quickly recovered.