Nina Sotto’s Husband, Wahoo Sotto, Takes Pride in the New Ordinance Championed By His Wife

Nina Sotto and Wahoo Sotto

Nina Sotto’s husband, Wahoo Sotto, is a significant person in her life, and the two of them have an enthralling journey through married life and family life.

Nina Sotto is a candidate for the Nationalist People’s Coalition in the upcoming Sangguniang Panlungsod elections. Her candidacy is based around the City of Paraaque, NCR’s Second District.

She is listed on the ballot as “24 SOTTO, DABARKADS NINA (NPC)” for the May 9 elections. Her campaign is for the position of local Council Member, which is responsible for endorsing ordinances and ratifying motions to ensure the local government runs smoothly.

Nina Sotto And Wahoo Sotto Married Life And Family

Nina Sotto’s husband, Wahoo Sotto, a former councilor, is proud of his wife’s new ordinance, which was approved by the Paranaque City Council. Nina Sotto’s newest accomplishment has earned Wahoo and the community’s admiration.

Anaiah Sotto, Anaiah Viktoria R. Sotto, and Amina Verina R Sotto are the couple’s three extraordinary daughters. All three daughters have taken up sports, notably football, demonstrating their mutual enthusiasm and drive.

Nina Sotto and Wahoo Sotto family
Nina Sotto and Wahoo Sotto family

Nina Sotto enthusiastically supports her daughter Amina’s young football squad, showing continuous encouragement despite a loss in an international match. Nina is the daughter-in-law of Val Sotto, a multidimensional Filipino character noted for his accomplishments as an actor, singer, composer, and comedian, in addition to being a mother.

Val Sotto is most known for his work as the lead vocalist in the famed Filipino band VST & Company and as a leading actor in the TV series “Agila.”

Nina Sotto, as a council member, makes major contributions to the city’s progress by mobilizing resources and income to match with developmental objectives and priorities.

Her duties include creating and adopting legislation that gives franchises, permits, and licenses, all of which are essential to the city’s operation. Furthermore, as a councilor, she plays an important role in controlling land use, buildings, and structures, creating a unified urban landscape.

Nina and her other council members are also important in approving ordinances that facilitate necessary services and community facilities, promoting citizens’ well-being.

Nina Sotto’s Political Career

Nina Sotto’s political career is focused on a broad agenda. This agenda is focused on increasing livelihoods and job possibilities. It also includes advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities (PWDs). She also works to empower women via skill development and to educate mothers about breastfeeding.

Her activities include tackling mental health issues through accessible services and expert assistance. She also attempts to create jobs for those affected by the pandemic.

She also gives beginning kits to help small businesses get started. She also hopes to teach proper financial management through her job. Sotto competed in different speech competitions at the College of the Holy Spirit, representing her school in the Impromptu, Memorized, and Manuscript categories.

Her father-in-law and husband, Wahoo Sotto, both praised her for her bravery and confidence in public service. Sotto, who has a political history, actively engaged in her father-in-law’s logistics and campaign activities, as well as the Think Tank Team that supported her husband.

She obtained a thorough understanding of the complexities of governance through her 18 years of expertise. Working alongside her spouse, she found inspiration in his real enthusiasm for serving others, which resulted in life-changing effects.