Nikocado Avocado Have Split With Orlin Home After Being Together For 6 Years

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Orlin Home, a popular Columbian YouTuber, and Nikocado Avocado’s on-again, off-again lover, revealed his divorce from the famous online star on Instagram. Rodrigo Gonzalez, also known as Orlin Home, turned to social media to notify his followers that he and his “loving hubby” had chosen to divorce after six years of marriage. The well-known mukbanger went on to clarify that this is why neither of them posted anything on social media. Home said in another Instagram post,

“Nick is still alive and well.”

The YouTuber “is doing well and taking a vacation from social media due to personal concerns,” according to the post. The explanation comes as a comfort to Nikocado Avocado followers who had been worried about his health after he had been quiet on his YouTube account for more than a month. Many assumed that his recent weight gain was to blame for his extended absence, and many wondered about his death. However, none of the assertions received corroboration.

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Orlin Home and Nikocado Avocado met in a Facebook group.

Orlin Home, a well-known Columbian YouTuber, began his YouTube career in 2019 by posting mukbang videos. He has worked with fellow celebrity mukbanger Nikocado Avocado on multiple occasions. On the video-streaming site, his food-related films have earned him a respectable 285,000 followers. He’s shared a number of fast-food mukbang films, including Wendy’s, DQ, and Popeye’s.

nikocado avocado

Nikocado Avocado said in a 2016 video that he and Home met in a Facebook forum for vegan males. For a long time, the two were friends, but their friendship progressed. The pair married in 2017, but their relationship has been turbulent ever since. Avocado released a video titled We broke up in 2020, in which he blamed the breakup on unfavorable feedback and comments on their videos. In another video, the 30-year-old YouTuber expressed his desire to end his vlogging career due to the separation while eating a lot of Taco Bell.

However, the YouTuber continued to create videos and collaborate with his on-again, off-again lover. Avocado uploaded another breakup video titled We broke up in 2022, this time with Home in the video. The two looked to be fighting, with Home shouting,

“You wrecked my life, you damaged my body, and you turned me into a wretched, sad, and depressed person because you are so f*ck* cruel.” You have a lot of power.”

Avocado was nevertheless referred to as “evil” and “controlling” by Home.

Orlin Holme’s explanation lays the death of Nikocado Avocado to rest.

“Nikocado Avocado dead” started trending online in July 2022, generating a major uproar among his followers. A deleted video named Nikocado Avocado Passed Away fuelled the suspicions (Trigger Warning). The video received almost 7,000 likes. The video implied that the YouTube star had died since he had not uploaded a single video in 8 days, which was unusual for him.

nikocado avocado

The YouTuber has been active on the site for the previous 5 years, uploading videos every day until the current sabbatical. Many followers, however, were less rash in their conclusions and assumed that his departure was caused by either illness or a vacation from social media owing to his turbulent personal life. Avocado’s anxious admirers seem to have found some solace with the Home update.