Netizens Criticized JYP Entertainment For Photoshopping The NMIXX Member’s Body


JYP Entertainment (JYPE) has been chastised for photoshopping NMIXX’s images. On April 19, the group attended an event hosted by WOOYOUNGMI, a premium fashion, and jewelry business. The ladies looked stunning in their ensembles, with each member exuding glitter. However, two months later, a few netizens noted that Jiwoo’s posture in the official photos seemed to be incorrect. They compared the photographs and videos from the press conference to the official ones issued by JYPE. Jiwoo’s legs had been altered to seem thinner, they discovered upon closer investigation.

On the controversial Pann Nate website, netizens chastised the corporation for modifying the NMIXX member’s physique. However, some trolls targeted the organization as well.

Netizens bring to light NMIXX’s manipulated images

On February 22 of this year, NMIXX made an explosive debut with the title single O.O from their first album Ad Mare. Since then, the group has been in the limelight for a variety of reasons, both good and bad. A South Korean netizen recently found that the group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, had manipulated images shot at a special occasion. Jiwoo, who was dressed in an enormous brown coat and a short black skirt, seemed different in the official photos. The 17-year-old singer has already been body-shamed. When netizens viewed the WOOYOUNGMI red carpet photographs shared by JYP Entertainment, many speculated that they were manipulated.

They discovered Jiwoo’s face and legs had been edited to make her seem slimmer after comparing films filmed on the same red carpet and press photographs to official photos. Some fans noticed that the other members in the shot seemed to be modified as well.


While South Koreans were criticizing the corporation, foreign fans on Twitter and Pannchoa were also discussing it. In the case of the latter, the unrealistic aesthetic standards of the K-pop business became a prominent subject of discussion. Some even noted that the group couldn’t have performed their rigorous dancing if they were “just bone and skin.”

Female K-pop celebrities have revealed the realities of the stringent diet they must adhere to in order to maintain a weight range of 45-50 kgs. Consider BLACKPINK, the largest K-pop female group. According to 2021 statistics from Channel Korea, the four members weigh between 45 and 48 kgs. Some trolls took advantage of the situation to bash the organization and make disparaging remarks.

All About NMIXX



JYP Entertainment’s rookie female group consists of Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Jinni, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin. The ensemble was formed with the intention of blending genres and producing experimental music. Ad Mare, the group’s first album, was a hit, earning a Platinum certification from the KMCA. According to Gaon Chart statistics from April 2022, it sold a total of 476,772 copies. The Ad Mare female group also had difficulties when they were accused of plagiarism for their title tune O.O’s music video. The trio achieved recognition when they were announced as the first artist of the year to be chosen for Spotify’s RADAR KOREA campaign.