Nessa Barrett’s Stated That Her Parents Opposed The Idea Of Her Career Plans In Los Angeles

Nessa Barrett

As a senior in high school, Nessa Barrett created a TikTok account with her classmates for fun. Within a year, she had over 10 million followers on the network. Before she reached 18, the TikTok star had already left her little New Jersey hamlet and relocated to Los Angeles on her own. Her parents, father Drew Barrett and mother Nez Barrett were not thrilled with her decision to seek a career in Los Angeles.

Nessa Barrett’s Parents Were Dissatisfied With Her Career Choice

Barrett claimed in a 2021 interview with Zachsang Show that her parents were originally dissatisfied with her choice to go to Los Angeles. The social media influencer said that her parents told her she couldn’t make it in the music business in the city. However, she disproved her parents and obtained her apartment and automobile at the age of 17. When her mother observed Barrett’s hard work and devotion to her music and career, she apologized for underestimating her. Barrett told Elite in 2020 that her mum was really supportive and somewhat in awe of her. She said that her mother never dreamed she’d be able to leave home and live on her own.

“She’s completely taken aback. I’ve flown her out twice already, and she’s seen my music video shoots and seen me in the studio “She elaborated. “She’s simply overjoyed that I’ve been able to pursue my aspirations.”

Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barrett aspired to be a musician.

Barrett, who was born into a musical family, has always desired to work in the music business. Her father used to produce music in her home’s music studio. Her parents also bought her a little toy studio for her first Christmas. At the age of four, the vocalist recorded her first song in the studio. As early as kindergarten, she was writing songs in her notebooks and singing in choruses.

Barrett was reared in Galloway by her mother when her parents separated, and she struggled to fit in. For starters, she was Puerto Rican in a wealthy white neighborhood. Barrett believed she was the only Hispanic kid at her school since she shared an apartment with a single mother. She playfully tweeted about her childhood days in February 2021, writing, I don’t know how else to describe my childhood other than I have a taurus mom and an aries dad. rip.”

Nessa Barrett

Barrett has a strong relationship with her mother. In her ‘Die First,’ she showed a childhood video of herself and her mother. She dedicated the song to her mother and captioned it, “I cried while making this. This song is dedicated to my mother. When you hear this song, think of your family.” The TikToker even has a tattoo of her mother on her inner right arm. “I loved you at your darkest,” the ink says. Her mother also has a tattoo in the same spot that says something that reminds her of Barrett.