Nessa Barrett Apologizes To Internet For Her Past Dance Video Controversy

Nessa Barrett

The Internet has an indelible memory, and Nessa Barrett is the latest victim. Recently, the TikToker apologized for her previous behavior, begging people to stop sending her death threats for her “ignorant” 2020 TikTok video.

“I committed a horrible mistake when I was 17 and wish I could undo it. But I can’t,” Barrett said recently.

In 2020, Nessa Barrett received a barrage of internet criticism after posting a video of her and a friend dancing to a guy reading the Quran. Barrett erased the video and apologized for its insensitive nature. However, it seems that the people still dislike her.

A look back at the Nessa Barrett dancing video Controversy

That video was posted to Barrett’s roughly 6 million followers in April 2020, and it attracted quick criticism. Barrett, recognizing her mistake, removed the video and apologized on a TikTok live broadcast. She and her buddy were merely thinking of ideas for advanced videos when they came across the guy reciting Quran verses. Unaware of the words, the couple decided to make a dancing video.

Nessa Barrett

“I realize that may have been disrespectful since my step-siblings are Egyptian and my stepmom is Egyptian. I really want to apologize to everyone who was upset. Barrett apologized in a live video.”

But her apologies were not enough. #nessacancelled and other abusive comments continued to appear in her videos. “My respect for you went,” one remark said, accompanied by a graph. Many criticized Nessa Barrett’s apologies. Post that Barrett apologized again in a TikTok video, explaining that the video was not hostile and that she regretted any damage caused. Barrett said the slurs were “really hard to handle”.

Nessa Barrett

From her new TikTok video, it seems like Nessa Barrett’s previous demons are still haunting her. Barrett said in the video that she has “educated herself” and is more mature than the stupid little kid she was two years ago. Barrett indicated that she was worried by the threats and hatred she still gets. She said she regretted her conduct and that the video was not malicious. She acknowledged that her apologies weren’t adequate and that she was “trying.” Barrett’s film, which comes two years after the first anger video, has become the face of the internet world. This video’s impact on Nessa Barrett’s TikTok journey is unknown.