NCT Jaehyun Became The First Korean Prada Global Main Spring Campaign Model

NCT Jaehyun

On January 11, 2023, NCT Jaehyun was chosen Prada’s Global Main Campaign Model, making him the first Korean to hold that position. Jaehyun officially joined the Prada family as a brand ambassador in June of last year. Since since, the icon has often symbolized the Italian luxury brand.

NCT Jaehyun’s duty as Prada’s ambassador was expanded not only by adorning many of their brand or talking about it on Instagram, but he was also invited to Prada’s runways. Jaehyun made his debut appearance as a Prada ambassador during the SS23 Prada Uomo Fashion Show, which revealed the brand’s spring/summer menswear line.

The concert, which was hosted in Milan, Italy, drew a lot of attention for the idol since he was able to mingle with celebrities from all over the world as well as artists and fashion designers, which seems to be one of NCT Jaehyun’s hobbies. This new function, on the other hand, intensifies his relationship with Prada. The star will be an active model for the Italian luxury brand, appearing in advertisements and requiring greater participation from Jaehyun. He will also advocate for the company with other celebrities such as Vincent Cassel, Hunter Schafer, Letitia Wright, and Louis Partridge.

Fans congratulate NCT Jaehyun on his new role as Prada’s Global Main Campaign Model.

Given their continually expanding impact and visibility, K-pop celebrities becoming brand/global ambassadors is more common. Being the primary campaign model for a premium fashion company like Prada is quite an honor, and fans make sure to congratulate the hero on the same.

NCT Jaehyun

NCT Jaehyun has often shown his passion for fashion. Jaehyun has never shied away from attempting new designs, from the odd experimental costume to crafting his own aesthetic that best showcases his characteristics. Furthermore, considering the many photoshoots he’s participated in, he’s perfectly qualified for the job. His facial structures and physical traits, as well as his photogenic motions, demonstrate that he can easily rock any photograph. Fans agreed, saying that Jaehyun being named Prada’s Global Main Campaign Model couldn’t have come at a better time for the idol.

With 2022 being a busy and important year for NCT Jaehyun, fans were overjoyed to learn that the idol is in for another memorable year. NCTzens are curious to see what Jaehyun has in store for them as he continues with his schedule for Prada’s forthcoming campaign. They’re delighted to perhaps see advertising and photoshoots with Jaehyun while he’s still blonde, especially now that he’s blonde, a hair color that the fans adore.

NCT Jaehyun

Also, with the release of NCT 127’s fourth repackage album, Ay-Yo, just around the horizon, fans are becoming excited about the amount of material they’ll be receiving from the group and its members this year, not quite a month into 2023.