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Natsumi Suga

Natsumi Suga is a university student who works at a small editing studio and is one of Weathering With You’s three tritagonists. Know more about Natsumi Suga Wiki, Age, History, Voice Actor, Personality

Voice Actor of Natsumi Suga

Who is the voice actor of Natsumi Suga? Tsubasa Honda, a Japanese voice actress, provided Hina Amano’s voice in Weathering With You, while Alison Brie provided the English version of this character.

Tsubasa Honda
Voice Actress Tsubasa Honda
Alison Brie
Voice Actress Alison Brie


Age21-22 (By 2021)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorPurple

Natsumi Suga Personality

Natsumi is a carefree and mischievous young woman who enjoys teasing others just as much as she enjoys watching Hodaka squirm when she correctly guesses that he is staring at her chest. Despite this, she is kind, caring, and loyal, keeping her uncle company, warning Hina Amano about the dangers of being a Sunshine Girl, and assisting Hodaka Morishima in his search for Hina despite his criminal status. She is a fan of urban legends and supernatural stories, in contrast to her uncle and Hodaka, who only seek them for monetary gain.

Natsumi Suga Physical Appearance

Natsumi is a brunette with long brown hair, purple eyes, and long eyelashes. She usually dresses in cleavage-baring outfits that expose her arms and legs. She also dresses up with nail polish and wristbands.


Natsumi was born around the year 2001 toKeisuke’ss older brother and his wife. By 2021, she had grown estranged from her father (presumably due to sympathy and favoritism toward Keisuke) and had decided to live with her uncle.

The year 2021

Natsumi first appears when Hodaka walks intoKeisuke’ss office looking for work. Hodaka thinksshe’ssKeisuke’ss mistress. After hiring Hodaka, the two investigate urban legends relating toTokyo’ss unusual weather; from a psychic, they learn of the legends of a ”Sunshine Girl” and a ”Rain Girl”—beings who can control the weather.

After meeting Hina, Hodaka discusses Sunshine Girls with Natsumi, who swoons at the prospect of being a Sunshine Girl before asking Hodaka when his date with her was. As Natsumi gets up to leave, Hodaka protests that it isn’t a date.

Later, while waiting for Keisuke to get off the phone, Natsumi writes out her resume. Keisuke eventually gets into the car with Natsumi and they talk about Hodaka and his other job, Natsumi becomes disgusted with Keisuke when he tells her how little he pays him.

Keisuke and Natsumi continue to look into urban legends about the mysterious girl who can change the weather. They pay a visit to a priest at a shrine, who tells them about a legend about a weather maiden whose power comes at a high cost.

Natsumi Suga personality
Natsumi Suga (Source: Pinterest)

Natsumi appears duringKeisuke’ss the meeting with Moka Suga in the park, prompting Hodaka to exclaim, turn to Keisuke, and ask if he’ll be in trouble with her because he has a wife. Hina and Natsumi accuse Keisuke of being a pervert after he laughs at his misunderstanding. Nagi and Moka summon Keisuke and Hodaka while Natsumi sits with Hina and they discuss the Departement’s similarities. Natsumi inquires about Hina’s well-being, informing her of the dangerous Sunshine Girl rumor the priest had informed her of.

Natsumi catches up to Hodaka as he runs after he is arrested and flees the police to look for Hina, who has vanished as Natsumi predicted. She offers him a ride on her motorcycle and drops him off when she reaches a large puddle and is unable to continue riding. Natsumi is later apprehended and watches with Keisuke and Nagi as the rain resumes, indicating that Hodaka has saved Hina.


Natsumi is still close to the Suga family and Nagi after three years, as Keisuke shows Hodaka a photo of them on his phone.