Nate Burleson Stated That His Wife Was The Key To His Success

Nate Burleson

Nate Burleson was picked by the Minnesota Vikings in the third round and played wide receiver for the club. In 2014, he switched his cleats for a microphone and started his television career after 11 years. He was an Extra entertainment reporter, where he interviewed high-profile personalities including Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and Senator Cory Booker. For five years, the former wide receiver hosted Good Morning Football on the NFL Network.

In August 2021, he departed the program to co-host CBS Mornings (previously CBS This Morning) with Gayle King and Tony Dokoupil. At the 42nd annual Sports Emmys, the longstanding host received the Sports Emmys Award for Outstanding Sports Personality/Studio Analyst. Burleson is a talented craftsman if his experience and achievement are any indications. During an interview with the New Jersey Family, Burleson credits his achievement to his wife, Atoya Burleson.


Burleson attributes his success to his wife.

Burleson and his wife spoke about their family, job, football, and what they liked about living in New Jersey throughout the conversation. While discussing football, he said that his football career predates the NFL. The player attended the University of Nevada for collegiate football, where he met his partner.

“Atoya, being an intellectual lady, a track star, graduating, and pursuing her master’s degree. I couldn’t have completed half of what I did without her. “I’m a fortunate guy in so many ways,” Burleson added. They married in 2003 and have three children: Nathaniel Burleson II, Nehemiah Burleson, and Mia Pearl Burleson.

Nate Burleson

His wife, like Burleson, wears numerous hats. She presents the inSIDELINES podcast, which covers topics ranging from being an NFL spouse to parenthood, business, work-life balance, and racism. She also has a lifestyle blog where she discusses fashion, home décor, cuisine, health, and motherhood. Through her work, Atoya aspires to highlight women who thrive in many sectors and share their experiences with the public in order to have a good effect.

Nate Burleson and His Wife Talk About Raising Their Children

During the conversation, Burleson and Atoya discussed how they raised their three children, from the values they instilled to their shared passion for football. Burleson, who played football for nearly a decade, is overjoyed that his boys share his passion for the game.

“As a parent, I’m glad to claim that I’ve never pushed sports on my children. I never tried to sell them on the NFL or football. “Their interest in athletics grew spontaneously,” he remarked.

Nate Burleson

He had second thoughts, though, after one of his boys was injured. When they were playing a sport that may be a bit physical at times, he questioned whether he was putting them in the best position to remain healthy. In addition to encouraging their children to participate in sports, the parents made careful to provide positive reinforcement. Atoya said that their family used self-mantras and family mantras and tried to find something nice to say to each person in our household once a week.