Natalie Nunn Affair With Dan Osborne: Did She Cheated Her Husband Jacob Payne?

Natalie Nunn

Natalie Nunn’s affair and infidelity allegations are widely publicized on the internet. Natalie Nunn, an American reality television actress, rose to prominence after appearing in the fourth season of Bad Girls Club. She has also appeared on other television shows, including Bridezillas, Celebrity Big Brother, Baddies, and Love Games: Bad Girls Need.

She also has a beautiful kid and works as an author and businesswoman. The TV personality rose to prominence as a consequence of her aggressive and irascible behavior in programs, giving her the nickname “Bad Girl.” She has been proudly flaunting her name and lugging it behind her since the presentation. Nonetheless, she has made tremendous progress in her relationship with Jacob Payne and married him.

On the other hand, the couple’s married journey had some bumps. Meanwhile, the whole public is aware of the wife’s suspected adultery with her husband. Did Natalie have an affair with your husband? Did the pair end up splitting up after that? Is the gorgeous bad girl in real life also a terrible girl in real life? Read the article below to learn more about Natalie Nunn’s life as the star of The Baddies. Let’s get started with this post and learn about Natalie Nunn’s affair and infidelity information.

Natalie Nunn’s Cheating Affair

Natalie Nunn’s Affair and reports about infidelity are all over the internet. Natalie’s marriage, like any other, has its ups and downs. After it was widely known in the media that Bad Girl had cheated on her spouse, the couple’s marriage ended in 2019. She was suspected of having a sexual involvement with her Celebrity Big Brother co-stars Dan Osbourne and Chloe Ayling.

Natalie Nunn

Following a wild night of drinking in London in 2018, Chloe admitted to being a part of the sex act. In an interview with The Sun, she stated:

Dan used Natalie and me to have an affair with Jacqueline. There was a threesome after a lot of drinking.

He had a full-length sexual encounter with Natalie in the lavatory in front of me, following which he kissed and made out with me. After learning about the event, Jacob said that he would cease their relationship until he knew the truth. He was seen collecting his stuff and leaving the property on December 6, 2019. As a consequence, he was spotted in London by himself without his wedding ring. However, the duo was sighted together on London’s streets again later that week. Perhaps they’d made apologies and returned.

Dan Osborne cheated on her husband Jacob Payne

Natalie Nunn and her husband Jacob Payne have “split” after the revelation of reports that she had a threesome with Dan Osborne and Chloe Ayling. Chloe, 22, first disclosed to The Sun that she spent the night with Natalie and the Towie star during their Celebrity Big Brother debut in 2018. This was after they had spent the previous night in London inebriated. Dan, 28, is married to I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here! star Jacqueline Jossa swiftly denied the claim, claiming he was seeking “legal advice.”

Natalie Nunn

Natalie seems to be feeling the effects of her unexpected revelation right now. “Jacob was so angry when the story came out last night,” a source told The Sun. He claims to be lonely and has gone to stay with friends. Their marriage has crumbled as a result of the incident, and things don’t seem good. Natalie is distraught and unable to fathom what is going on. The couple married a year after they began dating in 2011. Journey Ruth Payne, their two-year-old daughter, is their only child together.