Morwenna Banks Is Living A Blissful Married Life With David Baddiel

Morwenna Banks

Morwenna Banks and David Baddiel have been married for many years. Banks, who plays Mummy Pig in the TV program Peppa Pig, met her husband on a BBC show called The Book Quiz in the 1990s. They struck it off right away and eventually co-starred in Baddiel’s 2001 production Syndrome. The long-distance pair then married in Nevada in 2017.

Dolly and Ezra are the couple’s two children. According to The Guardian, the whole family lived together in London in 2015. They also have a house on the Lizard peninsula in southern Cornwall, according to Cornwall Live. The family often collaborates on various initiatives. Banks and her husband co-wrote, produced, and starred in the British ensemble film The Announcement, and both of their children participated in Baddiel’s effort, Fame: Not the Musical.

Morwenna Banks And David Baddiel

Banks is a British comedian, writer, and producer, and Baddiel is a well-known children’s novelist. The Parent Agency, Head Kid, and The Person Controller are among his best-selling works. Despite their different professional paths, the two have a lot in common. They both like humor and laughing together, which Baddiel believes is vital to their marriage’s success.

Baddiel said:

“It’s fantastic to be married to another comic—we laugh at the same things, which I believe is vital for a marriage to function.” “Sometimes Morwenna phones friends and leaves a message for their children in her Mummy Pig voice,”

Morwenna Banks

Baddiel revealed to the Telegraph in December 2021 that he and his wife had the finest connection. The author said that his wife was his closest friend, and the idea that your partner or spouse should be with someone you get along with was novel at the time. He remarked that his parents were diametrically opposed and had nothing in common.

His father was described as a “very manly, Welsh, working-class but bright person, a no-nonsense physicist,” while his mother was described as a “crazy, over-romantic refugee who escaped the Nazis.” But, according to Baddiel, his parents got together when they were young in the 1960s because that was what people did. “I don’t know how you could share a home or a life with someone unless they make you laugh,” the author said.

Morwenna Banks’ Daughter’s Anorexia Battle

Banks and her husband love each other’s company, but they have also been through some difficult times. Baddiel and his daughter, Dolly, discussed her fight with anorexia in December 2021. The elder daughter recognized that, although social media did not cause her problem, it did worsen it.

Dolly remarked:

“When I was 15, I was suffering from anorexia for roughly three years.” “I believe social media made recovery much more difficult,”

Morwenna Banks

Baddiel, too, expressed his sense of helplessness as he watched his daughter struggle with an eating condition. “I was in agony. “I could see that was hurting you,” Baddiel added. In the BBC documentary David Baddiel: Social Media, Anger, and Us, the father-daughter combo talked at length about their battle with the disorder. Baddiel hoped that the documentary will inspire people of all ages to talk about eating disorders.