Mo Amer Will Return With A New Netflix Comedy Series Called Mo


Mo Amer, a Palestinian-American stand-up comedian, is returning to Netflix with a solo comedy series named Mo, which will premiere on August 24 at 12 midnight PT/3 am ET. Amer’s second Netflix comedy effort, after the 2018 special Mo Amer: The Vagabond. Mo is directed by Solvan “Slick” Naim and will consist of eight 30-minute episodes. In the series, Amer will play the primary character of Mo Najjar. Here’s all you need to know about the comedy series ahead of its August 24 launch.

The trailer for Mo Amer’s Mo depicts the immigrant reality of statelessness.

The trailer for the comedy-drama series shows Mo Amer’s journey as a Palestinian-American in the United States, and it follows the life of someone who does not have citizenship in either Palestine or the United States. In the teaser, Mo refers to himself as a “refugee free agent.” He is observed selling odd items to individuals and when questioned, says:

“Without documents, the only thing I can do is sell something. I need to provide for my family.”

The trailer also discusses religion, practicing Islam in the United States, and what it means to live a multi-cultural existence.


According to the show’s summary on Netflix:

“As a Palestinian refugee perpetually living one step away from the asylum on the route to U.S. citizenship, Mo Najjar straddles the border between two cultures, three languages, and a ton of bullsh*t. His family flees to Houston, Texas, including his strong and spiritual mother, sister, and elder brother. Mo learns to adjust to his new surroundings by laughing the pain away, despite the fact that going forward in life comes with multiple setbacks.”

Mo Amer

A closer look at Mo’s cast list

Mo Amer, along with fellow comedian Ramy Youssef, serves as executive producer and creator of the series in addition to directing it. This is not Amer and Youssef’s first cooperation. Amer played Youssef’s Muslim cousin Ramy in two seasons of the latter’s Hulu comedy Ramy. Mo Amer is also a member of the well-known comedic group Allah Made Me Funny. Azhar Usman and Bryant “Preacher” Moss are the other two members of the trio.

Here’s what we know about the forthcoming comedy series’ characters:

1) Mo Najjar

Najjar, played by Mo Amer, is a refugee in the United States who has been subjected to a complicated immigration procedure. He works hard to support his family by selling odd items since the absence of legal documents prevents him from entering the regular labor sector.

2) Maria

Teresa Ruiz plays Mo’s girlfriend, who is also a businesswoman. Maria is a strong-willed lady who is loyal to her relationship with Mo but refuses to sacrifice her independence or her values.

3) Yusra Najjar

Mo’s mother is played by Yusra Najjar Farah Bsieso. She is quick-witted, clever, and, when required, serves as the family’s meddling head. Despite her difficulties as a refugee in the United States, Yusra’s interests remain her family, God, and the television game show The Price is Right.

Mo Amer

4) Sameer Najjar

Sameer, played by Omar Elba, is Mo’s elder brother. He is a cat person through and through, and despite his social fears, he seeks independence and affection deep within.

5) Nick

Mo’s longest and most loyal buddy, Nick.  Tobe Nwigwe, is also incredibly crafty. Despite the fact that he has built a life for himself after a troubled past with Mo, Nick refuses to leave his friend’s side. Amer will also appear with Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson in DC’s forthcoming superhero flick Black Adam. Mo will be available on Netflix on August 24.