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Milos Bajic

Milos Bajic was a painter of Serbian Modernism. Milos Bajic is regarded as the father of abstract painting in Yugoslavia. He is also well-known for his painting, drawing, mosaic, and fresco work.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Milos Bajic
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneDiamond
Lucky ColorRed
Body MeasurementN/A
Birth PlaceResanovci
EducationUniversity of Arts in Belgrade, Belgrade, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
KidsOne (Darko Bajic)

Milos Bajic Biography

Milos Bajic was born in Resanovci, a village in Austria-Condominium Hungary’s of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1915. (now Bosnia and Herzegovina). He is of Serbian descent. Similarly, he was born under the Virgo horoscope sign. Baji moved to Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia (now Serbia), in 1922, where he finished grammar school and teacher school. As a student, he published caricatures and illustrations in the daily Politika and the satirical magazine Oiani je. Baji began studying with Petar Dobrovi in 1935 and finished his first year in Beta Vukanovi’s class at the Belgrade School of Arts in 1937.

Milos Bajic Height, Weight

There is no information available about Milos Bajic’s body measurements. We can’t even tell what color his eyes and hair are because of the black and white photos. However, based on the same image, it is clear that he has an average body type. He also had a dashing personality as well as a handsome face.

Milos Bajic
Milos Bajic (Source: Pinterest)


The 1930s heavily influenced Milos Bajic. Many political ideologies were engaged in power struggles during the 1930s, which characterized the political atmosphere of the time. Stalin’s government in the Soviet Union was in desperate need of funds to carry out the Five Year Plan’s industrialization. That is why most people recognize Milo Baji as a well-known Serbian painter with a large following. Their assistance enabled him to achieve some of his long-term career objectives.

In a covert attempt to raise funds, the government proposed selling treasures from the State Hermitage Museum in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). This included approximately 250 Old Masters paintings, several of which were irreplaceable. Many of the pieces were acquired by Andrew Mellon through the New York-based art dealer Knoedler. Even the stars can work in Milo Baji’s favor from time to time. He enjoys his job and continues to do his best.

He kept drawings hidden inside his shirt and buried them under his bed or in a fire extinguisher bottle. After liberation, he returned to Belgrade with 150 pictures and studied art at the Academy of Arts. Milos Baji was a member of the bands “Independent” and “The December Group” (1955–60). Many mosaics and fresco paintings distinguish his later work. Also noteworthy is the memorial structure Partisan Necropolis in Resanovci (1971).

Milos Bajic Net Worth

How rich was Milos Bajic? Milos Bajic was a very inventive individual. He must have had a sizable net worth at the time. However, information about his net worth, assets, and so on is still lacking. But, based on his successful journey, he must have lived a good life despite his difficulties.

Milos Bajic Wife, Marriage

There is no information available about his romantic relationship. He appeared to be a married man. However, his wife’s name is missing. Milos, on the other hand, is sure to have a son. Darko Bajic, a well-known Serbian film director, is his son. Their picture shows that the son and father were very close and loved each other a lot.