Mike Majlak Was Dragged After Lana Rhoades Gave Birth To Her Child

Mike Majlak

Mike Majlak recently explained to Logan Paul why some thought he was the father of Lana Rhoades’ baby Milo.
He discussed it on the Impaulsive podcast. Majlak started by inviting his co-host and colleagues to join him in congratulating Rhoades, whose actual name is Amara Maple, on her first motherhood. He then explained how he had spent the last eight months convincing people that he was not Milo’s father. Majlak persuaded them by informing them that the newborn boy would appear different from him.

He did agree, though, that the youngster came out looking “pure as the driven snow,” making him appear more like the newborn daddy. “Like a Macadamia nut, I’m pushed straight back into the fold,” the YouTube user observed. During the interview, he also noted people’s disparaging remarks regarding Rhoades’ baby. One person wrote “Poor child” on the model’s announcement post on her son’s birth, which earned over 20,000 likes. “That youngster is being bullied,” said another, which received over 35,000 likes. Majlak was promptly reacted to by Paul, who said emphatically that if people knew who Milo’s father was, he would not be bullied.

Why Is Lana Rhoades Hiding Her Baby Daddy?

People have been wondering who Rhoades’ baby daddy is since she became pregnant with her kid. The rumors began when Rhoades disclosed her pregnancy six months after splitting up with Majlak. As a result, the search query for Majlak shifted from “Who is Mike Majlak dating?” to “Is Mike Majlak the father of Rhoades’ baby?” However, the YouTuber has always denied being Milo’s father and has repeatedly responded “no” when asked whether he was the father.

Mike Majlak

There are a few more names in there, including Blake Griffin, the Brooklyn Nets player Rhoades was connected to after her divorce from Mike. But one thing is certain: Rhoades does not want to divulge her baby daddy’s identity to the rest of the world. She sent a statement on Twitter to explain her choice. “I was in a public relationship for a year before to this, and I’ve realized there are certain things I want to keep private, and one of them is my relationships,” Rhoades wrote.

The answer, however, was insufficient to dissuade her fans from guessing. “It’s much terrible if you’re pregnant from some random male,” one commenter said. “No one mentioned anything about random,” Rhoades answered promptly to the commenter. She went on to say that the baby’s father might be a “sperm donor, her ex-husband, her current partner, or just a person she hooked up with.”

Lana Rhoades’ Baby

Did Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak reunite?

There have even been reports that the two are reuniting. This follows Rhoades’ response to Majlak’s tweet about his not being “wired for monogamy.” A user responded to the tweet, implying that the queen, whom Majlak has yet to find, is out there. Rhoades followed the conversation with an anxious look emoji.

Mike Majlak

Despite not being Rhoades’ son’s father, the YouTuber had previously assisted Rhoades in relocating to Chicago during her pregnancy. He recorded a film about the procedure and even asked the model who the father was, to which she sarcastically answered, “You?”