Mike Hodges Passed Away At The Age Of 90

Mike Hodges

Mike Hodges, a well-known film and television director, died on December 17 at the age of 90. The reason for death was not mentioned, and his medical history is now unavailable. Michael Gordon, a writer, and publisher, paid homage to him on social media by tweeting a few photos of official posters designed by Hodges. Gordon stated:

“A movie is alive. You should not suffocate it. Never over-art-direct, over-conceive, over-research, or come in with a preconceived notion of how things should be done.”

Director David L Knight also shared his sorrow on his official Facebook page, uploading a picture of Hodges and writing:

“I am really saddened to learn about Mike Hodges’ death. Flash Gordon will always have a special place in my heart. R.I.P. to a great British movie giant.”

Hodges was well-known for his contributions to films such as Pulp, The Terminal Man, Flash Gordon, A Prayer for the Dying, and others. He has worked on television shows such as Rumour, Suspect, The Manipulators, Florida Straits, and others.

Mike Hodges also worked in theater, radio, cinema, and television.

Michael Tommy Hodges, born on July 29, 1932, began his career as a teleprompter operator for television programs. He immediately started to explore his script-writing abilities, despite the fact that he was not working on any important projects at the moment. Soft Shoe Shuffle, Shooting Stars and Other Heavenly Pursuits, King Trash, and other stage and radio plays were among his credits. However, it was his work in cinema and television that brought him global acclaim.

Mike Hodges

The Tyrant King, an ABC children’s series, marked Hodges’ directing debut. The show was lauded for its music, which included songs by The Rolling Stones, Cream, Pink Floyd, and others. Murray Melvin, Candace Glendenning, Edward McMurray, Kim Fortune, and Philip Madoc played the main characters.┬áMike Hodges directed his debut feature picture, Get Carter. It was released on March 10, 1971, to mixed reviews but quickly became a cult favorite. The film’s response increased with time, and in addition to receiving several prizes, it was complimented by Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie.

Pulp, a 1972 comedic thriller, was his second picture, followed by The Terminal Man, a 1974 horror science fiction film. He subsequently created the script for Damien: Omen II, a supernatural horror film released in 1978. It made roughly $26 million at the box office as the sequel to the 1976 picture The Omen.

Mike Hodges
Morons from Outer Space, his 1985 science fiction comedy picture, had a bad reception, and Hodges blamed the film’s failure on the producers. Hodges’ other films include Flash Gordon, A Prayer for the Dying, Black Rainbow, and I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. Mike directed the ITV drama Dandelion Dead as well as a few television features.┬áMike’s wife Carol Lewis, sons Ben and Jake, and five grandkids – Marlon, Honey, Orson, Michael, and Gabriel – survive him.