Mika Kleinschmidt Is Raising Her Daughter In A Blended Family With Pride.

Mika Kleinschmidt

Mika Kleinschmidt, a real estate development and interior design expert, is raising her daughter in a blended family with her husband, Brian Kleinschmidt. Mika has a 12-year-old daughter named Jade. Brian, however, is not her biological father. Before meeting her now-husband, the 100 Day Dream Home reality star gave birth to her daughter on February 11, 2009. However, no information about her previous relationship or partner has been released.

Mika currently raises Jade in a blended family with her husband Brian Kleinschmidt and his parents. And, unlike traditional stepfather stories, Brian adores his stepdaughter. On Instagram, he frequently expresses his feelings for Jade. For example, on her 11th birthday, February 23, 2020, he wrote, “Happy Birthday to the best thing that has EVER happened to me!” Not only Mika and Brian but also Brian’s parents [Mika’s in-laws] have played an important role in Jade’s upbringing. They have happily accepted the baby into their blended family.

Mika Is Proud to Demonstrate Resilience to Her Daughter Pays off after Winning ‘Rock the Block’

Mika and her husband Brian are overjoyed after winning Rock the Block Season 2 on April 13, 2021. She said on Instagram after winning the competition that she was proud of being able to teach her 12-year-old daughter Jade the value of perseverance.

“I’m most proud that I was able to show my 12-year-old daughter that perseverance pays off and that you must keep pushing,” Mika wrote on Instagram. She went on to say that she and her husband didn’t let “losing the challenges” break their spirit or defeat them. And their never-say-die attitude undoubtedly influenced their daughter.

Brian Kleinschmidt and Mika met in high school

Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt have been friends since high school. They met at Riverview High after Brian was mistakenly assigned to a girl’s chorus class by school administrators. Brian fell in love at first sight but lacked the courage to confess his feelings. As a result, they never got together as lovers in high school, and after graduation, they moved on with their lives.

The 38-year-old married Erika Dunlap, a former Miss Florida and Miss America in 2004. They were married from 2007 to 2011 but divorced after Erika decided she needed a break from everything. Mika, meanwhile, gave birth to a daughter. Mika and Brian reconnected in 2011, ten years after graduating from high school. This time, they decided to stand by each other and married in 2015.

In TV shows, she co-stars with her husband

Mika is a familiar face from the HGTV show 100 Day Dream Home. She and her husband, Brian Kleinschmidt, assist their clients in obtaining their “personalized home” in 100 days or less. The second season of their show concluded on March 8, 2021. In addition, the couple appeared in the second season of HGTV’s renovation show, Rock The Block. They are one of four teams competing to renovate properties in and around Los Angeles.

Mika Kleinschmidt
Mika Kleinschmidt

Mika’s Parents Are Military Veterans

Mika Kleinschmidt’s real name is Mika McGee. She is a citizen of the United States. Her parents work in the air force professionally. In 2018, her father was stationed in Iraq and her mother was stationed in Puerto Rico for military duty.

The interior designer only meets her parents on rare occasions because they are usually busy with their service. On June 17, 2019, she shared on Instagram that she was with her father on Father’s Day for the first time in “about 15 to 20 years.” That moment was “priceless,” she said.